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Sarah Deppe

Madison, WI 53703, U.S.A.
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Phone: 563-249-4879

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 My work has been informed by my interest in the environment and sciences, exploring the relationship of the complex natural world and the industrial world. These themes have been expressed through both my studio work and public work.

My preference for using found or reclaimed industrial materials such as plastic, synthetic fabrics and rubber is not only a less consumptive process detrimental to the environment but using these materials in new ways also offers another layer of content for the viewer to explore. I exploit the potential visual power of ephemeral materials such as living plants, bark and wood as well as heavily processed industrial scrap with an enormous half-life. It is my intent to elicit a dialog about the dynamics of this juxtaposition and to illuminate the reckless indifference that exists to the environment.


Sarah Deppe