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Corinne Whitaker

Carmel, CA 93923, U.S.A.
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Phone: 650-212-2116

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Corinne Whitaker, aka the Digital Giraffe, has been acclaimed for over 41 years as one of the pioneering artists in the fields of digital imaging and digital sculpture. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally in over 80 solo and 260 group exhibitions, including a large solo exhibit entitled “Corinne Whitaker dot Uncom” at the San Bernardino County Museum, "No Rules" at the Peninsula Art Museum, and "Cybersphere" at Stanford University.
Her work has been published in over 100 magazines, books, catalogs, media and newspapers, including the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. She presented the first digital fine art exhibition in India and has shown work in Thailand, Germany, England, Japan , Russia, China, and Italy. She has shown at the Austin Museum of Digital Art and the Museum of Computer Art. She has also been interviewed on live simulcast on London TV and the Internet. She has lectured extensively on the radical new iconography offered by the computer, including “Look Ma. No Paintbrush!” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In 2007 Whitaker exhibited at Art Biennale in Florence, Italy. In 2010 she exhibited her work at United States Biennale in New York City. In 2011 her solo show

“Mind Over Matter” took place at Evolve the Gallery in Sacramento, California. Eight of her digital sculptures are located in DAAP, the world’s first virtual sculpture park online. In 2014 she was included in “Best of 2014” at ARC Gallery in Chicago.

Whitaker is one of the featured artists in the CD ROM and book, “Women Artists of the American West”, and was the keynote speaker at the California Art Educators’ Association Conference. Her work has won over 30 awards, including “Best in CyberArt” and two Golden Web Awards as well as an Artist’s Fellowship Award from the City of Pasadena. She is featured in the new book, “Art of the Digital Age”, as well as the DVD set “International Digital Sculpture, 2009”. She is also the author of 30 books of digital paintings and poetry.

Whitaker’s award-winning Digital Giraffe online journal ( in its 25th year of web publication, has been visited by 199 nations. It presents a changing exhibit of digital sculpture, sculptural renderings, and paintings along with features, critiques and articles, most of them archived online for the free use of scholars, curators, academics and critics.

Whitaker has been actively involved in the art community. For ten years she ran the Digital Giraffe gallery in Carmel, California. She has been a Board Member of the Fellows of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the Carmel Gallery Alliance. She founded and curated the “Sculpture Withindoors” exhibit at the Carmel Art Festival. She is represented on the West Coast by the Paul Mahder Gallery in Healdsburg, CA.