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Jón Snorri Sigurđsson

Síđumúli 35
Lundur, Kópavogur 108, Iceland
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Phone: 3548611854

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Jón Snorri Sigurðsson started working as an apprentice at Jens, one of Iceland’s most renowned goldsmith workshops, in 1966.  Today, he is engaged as the company’s senior artist, jeweller and sculpturer. Jón Snorri now runs his own gallery and exhibits his own work.
Snorri has held solo exhibitions in Iceland and at EFTA’s headquarters in Brussel and he has participated in numerous joint exhibitions abroad. Several heads of state and institutions in Europe and the USA have been presented with his jewelry and sculptures.
Snorri has received much recognition throughout his carrier, he was for example nominated for the Award for Culture and Art by DV (the Daily Paper), for his design of the prize sculptures and the medals awarded at the World Championship Handball Games in 1995.

Snorri uses stainless steel and copper in his scupltures. He also intertwines glass and other material in the making.
The raw Icelandic nature is often the source of inspiration for the sculptures and he uses part of that nature in his creations. He uses Mugearite, the black stone of energy found in the mountains of Iceland as a foundation in his sculptures.


Exhibitions and experience:





1981 Bangsbo Museum, Frederikshavn, Denmark

1982 Scnderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tcnder, Denmark 

1982 FIG (Community of Icelandic Goldsmiths) Listmunahúsið, Reykjavik

1982 Galerie Werkhof-Bissendorf, Germany

1982 Design Kjarvalsstaðir, Reykjavik

1983 Church Art, Kjarvalsstaðir, Reykjavik

1984-86 Form Iceland: Kunstindustrimuseum í Helsinki, Finnland; Alvour Alto Museum í Juvarkyla, Finnland; Kunstmuset í Oslo, Noregi; Boras, Svíþjóð; Arhus, Danmörku.

1985-93 Haystack

1986 Designed and made the cultural award of DV.

1991 Sculpture exhibition in Borgarkringlan, Reykjavik

1992-93 Form Island 11 in Norden, xxxxxxx

1993-94 From Dreams to Reality, Baltisk-scandinavian exhibition, xxxxx

1995 Designed and made throphies and medals for the World Championship Handball Games.

1996 Nominated for the cultural award of DV.

1997 a solo exhibition at the European Free Trade Association, Brussel. 

1999 Competition FIG (community of Icelandic Goldsmiths) for design of a wine closure and received a special recognition.

2000-2014 Runnig a private gallery where he exhibits his own work.