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Riccardo Cordero

Via Mantova 19
none, 10153 Tori, Venezuela
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Phone: + 320 0793721

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Riccardo Cordero

After studying art at school ,he took a diploma in Sculpture from the Accademy of Fine Arts,following courses by Sandro Cherchi and Franco Garelli.

In 1992 he won the competition for the Chair of Sculpture at the Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts in Turin, vhere he was Head of Sculpture Department until 2000. Now he is President of Associazione Piemontese Arte in Turin.

Since 1960 he has exhibited his works at the most important national and international art shows .

In 1978 and 2011 he was invited to present a personal show at the 48th Venice Biennal.

He has created nomerous works in large public areas, including recent works for the Pellerina Park in Turin and Chakra in Galimberti square in 2005. A sculpture in iron executed on the spot currently stands in the Lookout Park Fondation of Damascus,Pennsylvania (USA).

In 1997 ,the De Fornaris Fondation botght and gave the bronze sculpture " Disarticolare un cerchio 1993" ,to the Gallery  of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin.

In last years he executed some colossal works like: Meteora, in 2005 for the new court building in Asti (Italy) and  another Meteora, for the Sculpture Park in Shanghai, in 2006 he maked Cometa for Taiwan and in 2013 a very big fountain in the centre of Novara town (Italy).

His personal exhibitions have also always been numerous and important. From 2002 can rememberIn the same space, Cordero King Venet at the Turin Museum, in 2007 Riccardo Cordero, opere 1960 -2007 in South America at Museo Universidad, Alicante (Spagna), Municipalidad, Montevideo (Uruguay), Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Fundacao Memorial da America Latina, San Paulo (Brasile) and in 2013,  Riccardo Cordero, Giganti dell’età del ferro 1960-2013, Caraglio (Cuneo).

In the next year he is invited to organize a important Solo exhibition in the IVAM Museum of Valencia in Spain.