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Sally Ducrow

22 boulevard du Moulin
, 06400
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I was taught by other artists, mainly during long periods working in Africa, Asia, Australia and Polynesia.  My artistic career began in London in the '80s with illustration and graphic art, but when I started travelling I moved towards collage, assemblage and mosaic, then direct carving in stone and wood.  For some years my principal subjects were cats and birds, as both lend themselves to a high degree of stylisation; my aim was to capture the essence through simplification of the form.  I have exhibited many times in both group and solo expos, and execute a good deal of private commissions.

For the last ten years I have also been making installations in the landscape using natural and recycled materials, often found on site.  I've been selected to participate in outdoor public sculpture events in the UK, France, Germany and Finland.

I'm particularly interested in natural phenomena and the myths we weave around them, and am consistently engaged in exploring our relationship with the rest of the natural world, sometimes through humour.