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Fredrick Prescott

1127 Siler Park Lane
Santa Fe, NM 87507, U.S.A.
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Phone: 505-424-8449     Fax: 505-424-6506

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Life and art join to reveal a dynamic partnership in my work.  My work is an outpouring of the unique perception I have of the shapes and movement I see in my environment, leading to the creation of a captivating, multidimensional art form.  Using the visual and emotional impact of brilliant color on moving steel, I produce sculptures that reflect my singularly fantastic interpretation of the world around me.  My work is seen as a blend of folk art, pop art, and technically advanced construction. Those who find joy in my colorful kinetic pieces come from every walk of life.  A vast audience, including sophisticated art collectors, museums, and corporations, makes my work a part of their lives. 




1974   Group Exhibition, Radisson Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.


1975   Group Exhibition, IDS Tower Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.


1988   Commissioned by Santa Fe’s Coyote Café owner Mark Miller as VIP restaurant artist, permanent installation “Where the Buffaloes Roam”.


1988   Group Exhibition, Elaine Horwitch Gallery, “Wheels and the Automobile”, Santa Fe, NM.


1989   Group Exhibition, Elaine Horwitch Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona.


1989   Commissioned by Mark Miller of the Coyote Café as restaurant VIP artist, permanent installation “Coyote Bar Scene”.


1989   Permanent installation in the American Embassy in Thailand.


1989   Permanent installation in the American Embassy in Sweden.


1989   “Where the Buffaloes Roam” chosen for set design on popular television series “My Two Dads”.


1990   Permanent installation, Bulova Corporate Center, Queens Museum, affiliate of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, NY.


1990   Exclusive representation contract with one of the world’s largest fine art publishers, Martin Lawrence Limited Editions, LA,CA.


1990   “Hollywood” kinetic sculpture showcased on Entertainment Tonight “Roseanne Barr’s art collection”.


1991   Commissioned by Warner Brothers Studio Stores, “Looney Tunes”.


1993   Formed Prescott Studio as independent self-publisher.


1993   Exhibition, Pfizer, Inc.  Satellite Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, “Live from New York”.


1994   Commissioned by Walt Disney Company for a limited edition “Mickey and Minnie in Toon Town”.


1994   Commissioned by MCA/Universal Studios for one of a kind “Cowboy and Indians” wall sculpture, installed in Wakayama, Japan, Universal Studios Amusement Park.


1994   Chosen as licensed Disney artist for Disneyana Convention, Disneyworld, Orlando, FL

           Live auction of original work “Magic Castle”.


1995   Commissioned by Walt Disney Company for limited edition in bronze, “Wild West Goofy”.


1995   Commissioned by Dos Coyotes Restaurants for 15 sculpture installations.


1996   Group Exhibition, Houshang’s Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, release of “Cigar Store Indian” series in steel and neon.


1996   AES Gallery and McDonalds Corporation sponsors release of four exclusive limited edition series commemorating 1950’s McDonalds restaurants.


1996   “Vegas Nights” chosen for set design in top-rated television series “Friends”.


1997   Carmel Art Festival – Sculpture in the Park exhibit, “Butterflies are Free”.


1997   Rocky Aoki Foundation and Benihana Restaurants, “Kong Time” installation.


1997   Commissioned by Warner Brothers for a limited edition release, “Batman and Freeze”.


1997   Commissioned by Absolut Vodka, “Absolut Prescott”, one of a kind steel and neon kinetic sculpture.


1997   Commissioned by Absolut Vodka to design 100 unique vodka bottles.


1998   Commissioned by Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls and family for eight-feet tall basketball sculpture depicting Michael Jordan on offense and Magic Johnson on defense.


1998   Commissioned by the PGA Tour for an original sculpture installation in the PGA Hall of Fame in Ponta Verde Beach, FL.


1998   Commissioned by Porsche for a one of a kind sculpture installation in the headquarters lobby in Stuttgart, Germany.


1998   Commissioned by O’Neal Construction Company for an original sculpture installation in the corporate lobby.


1998   Announces representation in France by 3D Gallery, Place des Vosges, Paris.


1999   Announces representation in Germany by Editions Terminus Gallery, TheatinerstraBe, Munich.


1999   Commissioned by Wendelin Wiedeking, CEO of Porsche, for an original sculpture depicting Porsche Automobiles.


1999   Commissioned by Sandy Takiff, Governor of the Chicago Bulls, for a custom sculpture installation.


2003   City of Miami installs large Giraffe


2004   City of Miami installs large Horse


2006   City of Miami installs large Bull


2006   Announced representation by Mensing Galleries in Germany, located in Hamburg, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Westerland/Sylt, and Munich.





1976 Exhibition, One Man Show, Danville Gallery, Danville, CA

1977 Exhibition, Contemporary Sculpture Gallery, Lafayette, CA

1978 Exhibition, Fresh Sculpture Gallery, Balboa Island, CA

1981 Exhibition, Contemporary Gallery, Breckenridge, CO

1985 Exhibition, Groundwork Show, Santa Fe, NM

1985 Exhibition, Prescott Groos Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1987 Exhibition, MacLaren Markowitz Gallery, Boulder, CO

1988 Exhibition, Lakota Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1988 Exhibition, Lippman Gallery, Washington, DC

1988 Exhibition, East of Santa Fe, Washington, DC

1989 Exhibition, Prairie Lee Gallery, Chicago, IL

1989 Exhibition, Cogswell Gallery, Vail, CO

1989 Exhibition, West Layne Gallery, Dania, FL

1989 Exhibition, Lakota Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1990 Exhibitions, Martin Lawrence Galleries: Northridge, CA, Newport Beach, CA, Washington, DC, Short Hills, NJ, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Burlington, MA, San Francisco, CA, Santa Clara, CA.

1991 Exhibitions, Martin Lawrence Galleries: Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Newport Beach, CA, Freehold, NJ, SoHo, NY, Chicago, IL, Brea, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Palm Desert, CA, Escondido, CA, Denver, CO.

1992 Exhibitions, Martin Lawrence Galleries: Newport Beach, CA, Denver, CO, Chicago, IL.

1993 Exhibition, Christy Taylor Gallery, Boca Raton, FL

1993 Exhibition, Central Square Fine Art, Linwood, NJ

1994 Exhibitions, Martin Lawrence Galleries: SoHo, NY, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC

1994 Exhibition, Art Expo, New York, NY

1995 Exhibitions, Martin Lawrence Galleries: Denver, CO, Newport Beach, CA, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA.

1995 Exhibition, Art Expo, New York, NY

1996 Exhibition, Martin Lawrence Gallery, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

1996 Exhibition, Art Expo, New York, NY

1997 Exhibition, Art Expo, New York, NY

1997 Exhibition, Hammon Prescott Gallery, Monterey, CA

1998 Exhibition, Hammon Prescott Gallery, Carmel, CA

1999 Exhibition, University Gallery, Children’s Hospital, Albuquerque, NM

2000 Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM

2001 Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM

2002 Exhibition, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL

2003 Exhibition, Miami, FL

2004 Exhibition, Highland Park, Chicago

2005 Exhibition, Chicago, IL

2006 Exhibition, Chicago, IL

2006 Exhibition, Boca Raton Museum Show, FL

2006 Exhibition, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL

2006 Exhibition, Chicago, IL





Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner                                    McDonalds Corp.                   


Baron and Baroness Hans Heinrich and                                                Porsche


Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza                                                                   Levi Strauss                                                                


Michael Jordan                                                                                                Benihana Restaurants


Sylvester Stallone                                                                                                           Walt Disney Company


Steven Spielberg                                                                                            In Excess, Ltd.


Roseanne Barr                                                                                                Coyote Cafe


Kathleen Sullivan                                                                                           Jakes Restaurants


Oprah Winfrey                                                                                                 Polymer Industries


Connie Stevens                                                                                              La Plata Cigars


Tom Arnold                                                                                                        Century 21


Howie Mandell                                                                                                  MCA/Universal Studios


Katsumi Koide                                                                                                 Warner Brothers Studio Store


Alan Dershowitz                                                                                              Dos Coyotes Restaurants


Fred Savage                                                                                                     O’Neal Construction Company


Eddie DeBartolo                                                                                              The PGA Tour Hall of Fame


Kirby Puckett                                                                                                   The Pan Pacific Hotel


Jim Katt                                                                                                              The Eldorado Hotel


Roger Williams                                                                                                 Marshall Fields Department Store


Holly Soloman                                                                                                  The Horchow Collection


Craig Biggio                                                                                                      Champs Restaurants, Germany


Shane Reynolds                                                                                             Republic of Rio Grande Restaurant


Wendelin Wiedeking, CEO, Porsche                                                      King Hussein of Jordan


Robert Berglass, CEO, Dep Corporation                                               The Neutrogena Collection


George Marciano, CEO, Guess? Corporation                                                       Chicago Bulls


Sandy and Bobby Takiff                                                                              White Sox


Kimball                                                                                                                City of Miami



DONATIONS** **partial list



1999   The Buckaroo Ball Benefit for Children


1999   Aid and Comfort Ball of New Mexico


1998   Starlight Foundation


1998   Boys and Girls Club of Central California


1998   United Way of Central California


1997   Smokin’ the Bay Fundraiser, Monterey, CA


1997   Reach for the Rainbow Charity, Ontario, Canada


1997   Humane Society, Maui, HI


1997   United Way, Maui, HI


1996   Bill Shoemaker Foundation, Los Angeles, CA


1996   Terry Fox Annual Benefit for Cancer Research, Maui, HI


1996   Cedars-Sinai Medical Center-Monty Hall Diabetes Tennis Tournament, Los Angeles, CA


1996   All Children’s Hospital Foundation, Memorial, NJ


1996   God’s Love We Deliver, AIDS Benefit, New York, NY


1995   Kitchen Angels, Santa Fe, NM


1995   United Way, Santa Fe, NM


1994   Children’s Hospital, Denver, CO


1994   Buckaroo Ball Charity, Santa Fe, NM, Live Auction “Cowboys and Indians with Neon”


1994   Official Artist, Saint Vincent’s Hospital-Pediatrics and Obstetrics Fundraiser, Santa Fe, NM


1991   Children’s Hospital, Albuquerque, NM


1990   Children’s Hospital, Caracas, Venezuela


1990   Gerald Ford Amphitheater, Vail, CO


1990   Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, CA


1989   American Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark


1989   Celebrate Youth, Santa Fe, NM


1989   Dallas Museum of Art



1988   Save the Dolphins Fundraiser, San Diego, CA