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Peter Mayor

1073 S Genesee Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019-2462, U.S.A.
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Phone: 3104637436

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The modes of Peter Mayor’s work in sculpture have varied over the past thirty years; from figurative to non-figurative, abstract to concrete; but the underlying emphasis has always been how form expresses meaning through movement, balance, and the impact of its presence in the environment.

His current sculptures are situated squarely within the constructivist tradition in which the language of art relies upon abstract form, color, line, texture and surface. Although Mayor’s sculpture has ranged from his Geo series of the 1980s, with their interchangeable parts, to the Kluges of the mid 90s, to the curving folded forms he is currently exploring, Mayor’s work has been remarkably consistent in its inquiry of material and form within that tradition. Using Origami as an archetype, his recent sculptures are made by folding and cutting a single plane of material and transforming the single surface into a volume. That many of these current sculptures seem ready to take flight is no accident, as balance has always been an active component of his work and is used here to underscore the expressiveness of these forms. Although many of these new works are in stainless steel, he has also worked in bronze, plastic, aluminum, concrete, clay and paper.

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area during the cultural explosion of the 1960s, he studied architecture at Cal-Poly Pomona and graduated with a BFA from Brooks Institute of Fine Arts in Santa Barbara in 1972.  Upon graduation, he spent a year in London working for William Mitchell Design where he worked on several public art projects including bas-relief panels for the 24th and Market St. BART station in San Francisco.  Since his return to California, he has worked in the fields of architecture and theme park design.  In 2011 he launched Hunky-Dori, LLC with the writer Doraine Poretz as an umbrella organization for design and theatrical projects.