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Annette Johnnerfelt

Plejelvägen 23, 239 31 Skanör Sweden
none, , Venezuela
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Phone: 0046 702871221

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Annette Johnnerfelt is a sculptor and a sociologist. Born in Sweden.

Her sculptures are linked to the individual in the society; she tries to bring a thought, a reflection and recognition in today's society where social networking on the Internet overshadows human interaction. The viewer creates the role of human communication and relationships in his own life.

Annette gets inspired by encounters with other cultures. Her experience from many years of daily life in USA, Japan and England gave her the insight; it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live because there are always relations between people who are independent of national boundaries, political landscape and ethnic background.

The natural power of the stoneware reconnects to basic values. The structure has natural differences and hand built evidences is preserved. She motivates the viewer to fill in the blanks. In the sculptures are an exciting balance between the Western mind-set and the Japanese traditions.

As a teenager Annette went to evening classes at University College of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the years many professional courses in ceramic work in Sweden. In 2003, she was at Fireborn Studios in Pittsburgh, United States. The following year she moved to Japan and she was first at Agape Ceramic Studio in Yokohama. When Yamate Tougei opened its business in 2005 in Tokyo, Annette asked (with the help of a Japanese friend) Hideaki-san if he could receive a student from Sweden. He spoke very little English and Annette spoke very little Japanese. But we need not always words; he turned, pointed and drawn when Annette didn’t understand. During these two years she saw his work and his empathy. She experienced his sense of the material and his facilities unaffected by Western thinking. She learned to look at the material's intrinsic beauty.

During 2014, at The Henry Moore Sculpture Studio at Morley College in London, she is sculpturing after live models. The work evolves in harmony with the model and each object of art is unique.

Participated in group exhibitions in Tokyo, Yokohama, London, Paris, Brussels, Bologna (Italy), Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. Member of Swedish Artists Association, Visual Arts Copyright Society, Sculpture Network (Europe).


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