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Rose Cofield

Bluffton, SC 29910, U.S.A.
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A passion for exploring the possibilities and permutations of form is the motivation driving my creation of three dimensional work. Working with different and challenging materials teaches me to bend to the inherent attributes as well as the limitations of my chosen medium leading me on a journey in the creation of form that never ceases to amaze and captivate me. My greatest satisfaction comes from the process of sculpting itself. Working in marble is my new challenge and joy. A photographer friend asked me if I ever accidentally had a piece of stone just split in half by a misplaced chisel. I explained that such an event or surprise is a constant possibility working in sculptural media; the most careful plans can be quickly derailed when an unyielding vein is struck while carving and the casting of a work in bronze has produced many a heartbreak for the anxious artist . Sculpture demands the ability to lose yourself in the process and a flexibility of thought and response that mimics life itself. All these experiences lead me closer to understanding the core of my being, emotions, my own strengths and limitations. Ms. Cofield has displayed her work at the Kershaw Fine Arts Center in Camden, SC (USA), The Art League of Hilton Head Gallery, Hilton Head, SC (USA), the St. John’s Museum of Art, Wilmington, NC (USA), The Louise Gilbert Gallery, Statesville, NC (USA), Florence Museum, Florence, SC (USA), Havens Gallery, Columbia, SC (USA), Moonshell Gallery, Hilton Head, SC (USA) and the International Oasis Gallery in Savannah, GA (USA) Her work is in private collections throughout the Southeast USA.