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Edwin Hamilton

9835 Minnesota Ave
Pennsgrove, CA 94951, U.S.A.
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Phone: 707-477-7169     Fax: 7077753320

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artist's statement

I have been building with stone as a sculptor and stonemason for 30 years, in the course of this pursuit I have become enamored by the silent dignity and sense of mass evoked by this material, one of the oldest building materials known to man. I am intrigued by the remarkable presence conveyed in ancient architectural stonework on those who encounter it- it seems to tap into a universal human psychic content- particularly when realized on a monumental scale. It is this presence that informs my sculptural work. Over the years I have developed a particular skill set, steeped in the craft of stonemasonry, which has allowed me to capture in sculpture what elicits such a universally powerful experience. My sculptural works are inspired by simple forms found in the natural world, re-imagined in complex assemblages that aspire to be a part of this stone continuum that continues to captivate.