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Jane Ingram Allen


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The making of art installations that change over time and benefit the environment has become my focus as an artist. When I began doing outdoor installations in 1994, I became more concerned about the environmental impact of my materials and structures.  I decided to make art that could be in harmony with the natural world, and I became convinced that nothing could ever be considered a "permanent" work of art. Everything changes because of exposure to the elements and to the processes of nature. I decided that I would go with this flow and make art that used the natural processes as a contribution to the artwork. I began creating pieces that were meant to change over time and contribute positively to the environment.

My indoor and outdoor art installations of handmade paper, thread and other natural materials are usually site-specific created from things collected at a specific place and time to focus attention on the unique characteristics of that place.  Many of these works are map-based, and I use spontaneous and intuitive actions in the papermaking and the mixed-media techniques I employ.  My art installations usually involve the community in my process to contribute unique parts of the large-scale site-specific installations.  Recently water has become a focus of my artworks as a result of seeing first-hand the water problems in Africa, Asia and the USA, especially the present drought in California. I also feel that nothing is ever “permanent” and prefer to work with nature as a partner creating art that evolves over time and is beautiful in all of its phases and can contribute positively to the environment.