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Carlos Davila

1720 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06605, U.S.A.
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Phone: 203-739-5063

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2017       Portal Art Fair, New York City

                SculpTour, Suwanee, GA

                Kerschner Gallery, Fairfield CT

                Silvermine Galleries, New Canaan CT

2016 Texas National, Stephen Austin University, Nacogdoches TX

        City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport CT

        Pawtucket Center for the Arts, Pawtucket RI

2015 Attleboro Museum of Art, Attleboro MA

        Slocumb Galleries, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City TN

        George Segal Gallery, Montclair State University, Montclair NJ

        Worrell Smith Gallery, Westport CT

2014 Galatea Fine Art, Boston MA

        Silvermine Art Galleries, New Canaan CT

2013 Stroll Gallery, Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua NY

2012 Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, Stamford CT

        Silvermine Art Galleries, New Canaan CT

2005 Galeria Enrique Camino Brent, Lima Peru

2002 Northern Westchester Center for the Arts, Mt Kisco NY

2001 Katonah Musuem, Katonah NY

1998 Discovery Museum, Bridgeport CT

1993 Stamford Museum & Nature Center, Stamford CT

1988 Museum of Art, Science & Industry, Bridgeport CT

1986 14 Sculptors Gallery, New York City

1983 Fred Dorfman Gallery, New York City

1982 Wenniger Graphics, Boston MA

1981 Forma Gallery, Coral Gables FL

        Fred Dorfman Gallery, New York City

1979 Sixth International Print Biennal, Bradford, England

1977 Forma Gallery, Coral Gables FL

1976 Contemporary Printmakers of America, Washington DC

        III American Biennal of Graphic Arts, Cali, Colombia

        The Institute of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York City

        Fifth British International Print Biennal, Bradford, England

1975 Sadye Bronfman Centre, Montreal

        Art 6/75 International Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

        IKI International Art Fair, Cologne, Germany

        International Art Fair, Frankfort, Germany

        International Art Fair, Paris, France




Silvermine Guild of Art, New Canaan CT

Allied American Artists, New York City

International Sculpture Center, Hamilton NJ

Westport Art Center, Westport CT



Biblioteque Nationale, Paris, France

Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogota, Colombia

Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, North Carolina

Permanent Collection:

Organization of American States, Washington DC

Permanent Colelction:

Richard Brown Baker, Yale University

Agostina University, Sioux Falls, SD

Bank of America, Los Angeles

National Arts Club, New York City

Delta Airlines, Atlanta GA

GTE Corporation

IBM Corporation

McGraw-Hill Publishers, NYC

Texas Instruments

Union Carbide, New Haven CT

Volvo Corporation, New Jersey

General Electric Corporation

Prudential Life Insurance of America

Bell Telephone

Banker’s Trust Company, New York

Atlantic-Richfield Corporation

Saks Fifth Avenue, New York

Sentry Insurance Company, Wisconsin

First National Citibank, New York

Exxon Corporation

Pittsburgh National Bank, Pennsylvania

Celenese Corporation

Sonnenblick Goldman, Inc

Marine Midland Bank, New York

Xerox Corporation, Rochester NY

Avon Corporation, New York

RCA Incorporated, New York

Continental Telephone

Walt Disney World, Orlando FL

Warner Communications, New York

American Heart Association

Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance

Knott Hotel Corporation

Bowery Savings Bank, New York

Sterling National Bank, New York

General Re-Insurance Corporation, New York

Shell Oil Corporation

American Airlines




Born and educated in Peru, Carlos Davila comes from a family of artists. After receiving his MFA from the National School of Fine Arts in Lima, he spent several years exhibiting in and traveling around Europe. Following a one-man exhibition at the Miami Museum of Art, Davila visited and then settled in New York City. He attended Pratt Graphic Center and the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop while working from a studio in Greenwich Village. He has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe. In 1978 Davila moved to Connecticut and now works from a loft at the NEST Arts Factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut.




Lindsey Morris Memorial Award for Sculpture 

Allied American Artists, National Arts Club, New York City

Honorable Mention  Internacional de Graficas, Maracaibo, Venezuela 

Honorable Mention  Miniature Prints, Associated American Artists, New York City 

Grand Prize & Gold Medal of Excellence 

Adela Investments, Lima Peru 

First Prize (acquisition) 

V National Art Competition, University of San Marcos, Lima Peru 

First Prize  National Health Foundation, Lima Peru 

First Prize  Hebrew Society, Lima Peru 

First Prize  Bacchus & Johnson, Lima Peru




My fascination with ancient cultures started at the beginning of my career as an artist when I was invited to work with a group of archeologists on the reconstruction of the 1500 year old city of the Chimu civilization, Chan Chan, in the desert of northern Peru. My interest quickly spread to include the ancient cultures of Greece, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. The scientific accomplishments and inventions, the mathematical discoveries, the architecture and art, and the cuneiform and hieroglyphic writing of these and other ancient cultures all proved an ideal jumping-off point for my sculptures. There is a universality in making marks, and creating and exploring form. 


I am equally fascinated by space travel and exploration and the science of the stars and universe.  There are planes, lines, and forms in my work that suggest space craft, satellite trajectories, or computer circuitry. There is a machine-like quality to their appearance along with the timelessness found in the form of a 3000 year old pyramid. 


Many of the sites of the world’s ancient cultures are deteriorating due to environmental forces, others are in peril due to war or clashing ideologies. My hope is to bring attention to the value that every past culture has to the present and the future of all of us. The universal goals of exploration of the world around us, the development of math and science, and the advancement of language and art are as true today as they were thousands of years ago.  The age of disparate civilizations is over and we must now move forward together, globally, as one. Recognizing our similarities (past, present, and future) leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and of those we might have considered “other”.


With my work I create a visual language that is at once personal and universal. This language abstracts the symbols and forms of ancient cultures and combines them with those of space travel and advanced technology. I feel that combining these results in a unique body of work that draws the viewer in and asks them to reflect on how the past informs the future, offering a sense of both the known and the unknown.


I explore the relationship between the ancient and the modern, abstracting line, form, and color to create objects of veneration that are at once familiar and alien, reflecting both the primitive age and the machine age.


My wall assemblage constructions are created of laminate maple hardwood and turned, hand-formed solid hardwoods, colored and finished with high-quality acrylic paints.