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Dan Grayber

Berkeley, CA 94710, U.S.A.
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Phone: 4154128875

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With my sculpture I investigate the concept of inventions that are self-centered, or independent of outside force or influence.  The sculptures are mechanisms and systems that are invented only to hold themselves up; to compensate for the complications created by their own existence. They function as self-resolving problems. The piece alone represents the need and the resolution.

My sculptures exist in the area where physics and art coincide. It is possible to consider all of my work experiments with tension, friction, gravity, and the need to find equilibrium. At the same time, it is also possible to view the pieces as metaphors for human perseverance. Every piece represents a struggle in an attempt just to maintain position.




Maintenance (solo), Johansson Projects. Oakland, CA. 2016.

The Consilience of Art and Science, Pence Gallery. Davis, CA. 2016.

Formalities (2-person), Johansson Projects. Oakland. 2013.

The Way Things Work, Athen Institute for Contemporary Art. Athens, GA. 2011.

Humming Summit (2-person), Johansson Projects. Oakland. 2011.

Double Dip, Root Division. San Francisco. 2010.

Ruptures, 21 Grand. Oakland. 2010.

4oth Anniversary Alumni Art Exhibition, Harold Johnson Library Gallery. Hampshire College. Amherst, MA. 2010.

Rooke Gallery Booth, Joburg Art Fair. Johannesburg, South Africa. 2010.

Mechanisms (Solo), Monarch Contemporary . Seattle. 2009.

Z-axis, LoBot Gallery. Oakland. 2009.

The 75th Crocker-Kingsley: California’s Biennial, Tsakopoulos Library Galleria. Sacremento. 2009.

Expanding, Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery. Stanford University. 2008.

Self - Resolving Problems (Solo). ArtEngine. Sanfrancisco. 2007-2008 (Nov. 30 - Jan. 26)

Paperwork, Hang Art annex. San Francisco. 2007.

Frankenstein Theory and Robotics, RX Gallery. San Francisco. 2006.

NeoPlural, Scion Installation LA. Los Angeles. 2006.

GenArt Emerge 2005, Warfield Building. San Francisco. 2005.

The Diorama Show, Mission 17.  San Francisco.  2005.

San Francisco Art Institute MFA Exhibition, Herbst Pavilion. Fort Mason. 2005.

New Mechanisms (solo), Diego Rivera Gallery. San Francisco Art Institute. 2005.

Making Art:  The Notes of 16 Artists, Swell Gallery. San Francisco Art Institute. 2005.

By Any Means Un/Necessary, Mission 17.  San Francisco. 2004.

Continuing MFA show, Swell Gallery.  San Francisco Art Institute. 2004.

Off Site, Gallery K.  San Francisco Art Institute.  2004.

Gene Carnival, Swell Gallery.  San Francisco Art Institute.  2003.

Drawing Machines, RX Gallery.  San Francisco.  2003.

Graduate Open House, Swell Gallery.  San Francisco Art Institute.  2003.

Reconstruction (solo), Hampshire College Main Gallery, Amherst Mass. 1999.


M.F.A.  Sculpture.  San Francisco Art Institute.  San Francisco, CA. 2005.

B.A. Visual Art, with emphasis on sculpture.  Hampshire College.  Amherst, Mass. 1999.


London Internation Creative Competition (LICC). Honorable Mention. 2009.

Headlands Center for the Arts MFA Studio Award - Alternate.  Sausalito, CA.  2005.

Harold E. Weiner Memorial Award.  San Francisco, CA.  2005.


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