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Barbara Vagliano

57 West 75 Street
none, 10023, Venezuela
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Phone: 9178846441

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 Clay is a fascinating medium to work in because it engages the versatility of human hands. We use simple tools that provide us with a connection back to early humans. It stretches our sense of time to think that humans have been making pottery for approximately 18000 years.


Working in clay is a translation of biology and geology. How can I preserve the integrity of clay and celebrate its plasticity?


1. By connecting my work with clay to physical places and to the stream of human use of the material.


2. By grounding the thematic use of clay in geology and biology. Clay is one material element in the geological landscape brimming with biological material.


3. By acknowledging that the fluidity of clay makes it a malleable receptacle for human touch and thought, e.g the mnemonic and poetic possibilities in the medium.

I have been particularly influenced by the landscape and wildlife of Andalusia, Spain.