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Richard Arfsten

3031 Sheard Rd
Burlington, WI 53105, U.S.A.
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Phone: 2625342680
URL: http://www.saatchiart/richardarfsten

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For the last 30 years I have been making solid metal maquettes. I now have a library of about 300plus. Most of my pieces are designed so any competent metal fabricator can measure off of them to create an enlarged sculpture. A digital scanner reads them and the information is used to create the patterns that are used to cut sheet metal panels used to form unusual shaped boxes.

Most of my works are made of single plane forms. They are unusual shaped forms that are cut out of flat stock, bent in a roll former, and then welded together to make a box. The sculpture is made up of many of these boxes. They can be made from any type of sheet metal. If really big they can be assembled on site.

The idea is to sell the maquette so it can be used as a desktop sculpture and/or as a maquette. If it is used as the maquette for enlargement, there is an additional design fee similar to an architect’s fee.

I am the designer and foundry man, not the fabricator. The maquette can be mailed anywhere in the world. This enables the buyer to have the piece enlarged close to where it will be installed. The buyer controls all of the details of construction and installation, which helps to save costs of transportation, import fees, etc.

The simplest way to see a quick overview of most of my designs is to Google "Richard Arfsten Sculpture." Click on the "Images" tab towards the top left side of the page. This will bring together hundreds of my pieces that are posted all over the Web.

For a more comprehensive display of many of my sculptures, visit www.saatchiart/richardarfsten where I show six views of each piece depicting all sides of the sculptures. Or contact me directly as I would be delighted to share more details with you.