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Josef Marek

78Makarios 3AVE
Nicosia, Nicosia District 1021, Cyprus
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Phone: 00420607736581

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 The sculptor and glass artist, Josef Marek (born1963),  living and working  between Nicosia, Cyprus and Nový Bor in North Bohemia. 


                                              JOSEF MAREK


Czech Republic/Cyprus                           sculptor 

Home:00357  99601024

Cell   : 00420  607736581





1978-1982 Secondary school of glass art, Kamenický Šenov

1990-1996 University of  Arts and Architecture ,Prague-Glass in Architecture

1994-1995 Alfred University N.Y., USA


Work Experience

1982-1986 glass worker  , Crystalex , Nový Bor

  1. Art and craft Teacher, SOÚ sklářské, Kamenický Šenov

1989-1990 Designer and director of art glass experimental workshop, Umělecká řemesla, Prague

1997-2000 Visiting  Professor, Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, Japan


Lectures:  University of Sunderland UK,   Contemporary Art Glass Society UK,Staffordshire University  U.K.


Selected Exhibitions:

1991 Galerie Václava Špály, Praha

1991 Water Reservoir, Barcelona

1993 Hrad Sovinec

1994 Holsten Gallery, USA

1994-1996 Rob Van Den Doel Gallery, Holandsko

1995 Umělecko-průmyslové muzeum, Praha,  Cena Swarovského

1995-1996 Galerie Langův Dům, Frýdek

1996 Národní technické muzeum, Praha

1998 Chappell Gallery, USA

1998 DAY.I.Can, Toyama, Japonsko

1998 Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, Seto, Japonsko

1998 Museum of Modern Art, Takaoka, Japonsko

1998 Enomoto Gallery, Osaka, Japan

1998 Venezia Aperto Vetro 98, Italie

1998 Auction in aid of Sue Ryder Foundation, The Studio Glass Gallery, Londýn

1998 Glasgalerie Hittfeld, Německo

1999 The second contemporary glass exhibition in Satsuma, Japonsko

2000 Japanese Connections, The Studio Glass Gallery,Londýn

2002 Stone and glass, Czech Embassy, Tokyo, Japonsko

2004/05 Praha/Aichi-Japan-EXPO 2005~“V zajetí světla a prostoru“ 

2006 Masters of Modern  Munchen

2006 SOFA Chicago

2007 SOFA Chicago

2008 Reflections on Contemporary Glass,Museum of art,santa Fe,New Mexico

2008 20 Jahre glasgalerie hittfeld:“Drei generationen“

2009 Connections-Contemporary european glass sculpture.

2012 Lei see,Koru contemporary art gallery Honk Kong

2015 Masters of Modern  Munchen

Solo Exhibitions:

1999 Josef Marek – Glass Sculptures, Kaki Gallery, Toyama, Japonsko

2002 Give and Take, The Studio Glass Gallery, Londýn

2003 Josef Marek-skleněné plastiky,Galerie Langův dům,Frýdek

2010 Josef Marek-sculptures/ galerie Frank Picon,Paris

2013 Josef Marek-glass space,Galerie Minerva,Malmo,Sweden

2013 Josef Marek –glass sculptures Broft galéry Den Haag

2014  Josef Marek –glass sculptures ,Broft Gallery Leerdam

2014 Josef Marek-illusive space.Stoelting gallery ,Hamburg

2015 Josef Marek-glass sculptures,gallery of cultural center Cvikov CR

Work in Public Collections:

Toyama Museum of Glass,Japan

Glasmuseum,Ernsting Stifftung,Coesfeld,Germany

Barbara Achilles stiftung,Hamburk,Germany

Blioteka Alexandria,Egypt

Východočeské museum Pardubice


Competitions awords:

New glass review competition  – 1992, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000,2005, Corning, USA,

Price of Daniel Swarowski – 1995

Art Buzz 2008 collection the bookUSA -second price

Nicosia Conference center art competition,3d price.



I believe I am not the first to notice that what Josef Marek has achieved in his visions and has materialised in his glass sculptures is certainly extraordinary and hugely
important. It is a monumental contribution to the cause of consciously attaining our totality in beauty and beatitude, to the cause of the knowledge of our Self in a state of silent and humble methexis (μ
έθεξις)* of the Primordial Beauty.

“We mostly live in Shadows. Greatest mysteries, silent all pervading Truths,
are written in the language of myths and poetry and in the silent language of sculptures”.

Are we guessing at shadows in firelight? Are we trapped in sensory modalities?
This is the essence of the platonic Myth of the Cave. Can one positively experiment on the Myth? I must answer "yes".
And this is how to do it sculpturally:

Ideas, universal Forms, come and seize your mind. It simply happens. The rest is just hard work. Carefully stage lines and surfaces,volumes and cavities, presence and absence, paths of light and shadows, all in glass, all in various degrees of transparency. Set up the alchemical laboratory of the senses and the perceiving mind. Then... snap ! An undeniable illusion is suddenly standing in front of our very own puzzled eyes. The ordinary senses are ceasing, stopping, slowing down from wandering endlessly. An illusion with no tangiblematerial/ substratum has opened the gate that leads from the tangible to the Idea. Nous (Mind) emerges, seeing inside itself, coming to itself,
seeing beyond the spatiotemporal, mainly proccessual, functional walls and boundaries raised by the gravity and the opacity of the sensible three dimensional, limited, commonplace objects.

Freed from gravity and opacity, the Mind is sliding over academic chatter, to enter into this silent,non verbal visual lab and ponder on the eternal non-individualistic truths about our hidden Oneness, our one and only essence as responsive and experiencing beings. In full splendour and with convincing power,

aided by Marek distinctively clear sculptural visualisation , the most abstract elements of the platonic Myth of the Cave are facing us, ready to discuss with us, but impossible to argue with us –since Ideal Beauty excludes the option of arguing. This is the summit of the human mysteries.

“We mostly live in Shadows.
Greatest mysteries, profound Truths
are written in the language of myths, poetry and in the silent language of sculptures”.

Antonios Sophocleus Evangelinos, Aioleus,

physicist,ontologist, philosopher 14.02.2014, Lesvos

* methexis (μέθεξις as written in Greek) means wide awake conscious ( or even super
conscious) participation, assimilation, corroboration and ontological union, in the most profound, deep, meaningful and holistic non-fragmentary way.