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stef kopka

623 Felch St
Ann Arbor, MI 48103, U.S.A.
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Phone: 7343588666

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 My art connects me with the energy of nature, people and events.I am a self-taught artist who has made line drawings of animals and people since age four. Travel from Alaska to the Florida Keys has enabled me to see fauna in form and action. These experiences, along with the influence of Calder, Moore and Jim Gary form the basis of my approach to sculpture.

Most of my objects are created using reclaimed brass, copper and aluminum.  Some are mechanically assembled with parts from various trades (e.g. plumbing).Finally, I also create driftwood assemblage pieces. My subject matter includes animals, plants and human figures.  Although the objects I create are often whimsical, each is imbued with my personal grasp of the subject’s character or essence.

I attempt to meld my love of nature with my desire to reduce the waste of our planet.  My aim is to transform these materials into forms which remind people of the beauty, joy and spirit of life.