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Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art

Director: Michael Suh
No. 500, Daxing Zhuang
Beijing, Tongzhou District 101118, China
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Phone: 010 89578367

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The Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (MoCA Beijing) is located at the Art Center Park in Songzhuang Town, Beijing. The Art Center Park encompasses nearly fifty acres of creativity and activity space bringing forth a natural, quiet, and peaceful environment. MoCA Beijing is committed to the exchange and promotion of contemporary art. It was formed so as to develop the state of contemporary art in a systematic and extensive way focusing on academia, literature, and exhibitions to foster interaction and integration from multi perspectives and levels to cooperate with one another. Every year MoCA Beijing collaborates with other international museums and holds three to five exhibitions and a nomination show by independent curators. MoCA Beijing also organizes the collaboration of international artists and a platform for academic and information exchange. MoCA Beijing was originally founded as the Gallery for Works of Chinese Professional Painters and the Ammonal Gallery. In the early 1990s, this gallery was the first show for Chinese professional painters to exhibit their work and display non-mainstream culture...This first Chinese contemporary museum of art only existed for a mere 365 days; however, its spirit continued on for 7 years then ended as a exhibition show called “13 Chinese” in Hamburg.