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Teri Keegan-Castrop

4318 W. 54th Street
Mission, KS 66205, U.S.A.
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Phone: 9135229775

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 I create installations and realistic plaster cast figures that suggest the incredible beauty, infinite expressiveness, and endless subtlety of the human form. Marci Waiting is about lost moments from the past, and things that you wish you could have or should have acted upon.

My work reflects experiences from the lives of people I know and love, as I strive to narrate their life stories. I am intrigued by how life’s fragments can define and mold a person’s perception of themselves and others.

The concept for each work often comes to me as a full-blown image, and I develop the audio/visual component over time. By making my adult figures smaller than average, I hope to emphasize the importance of memory and how our childhood experiences constantly inform and shape our adult selves.   Video Marci Waiting   Video "M"     Video Girl in Bed