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Montserrat Mesalles

San Jose, San Jose , Costa Rica
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Phone: +506 83328248
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Montserrat Mesalles was born in San José, Costa Rica, where she currently lives and works. Mesalles was sent abroad to attend high school in Europe; there, she cultivated a passion for the arts and history, as her classes were complemented with visits to great galleries and museums. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting from the University of Costa Rica after having completed half of her studies at the University of Kansas’ School of Fine Arts. Montserrat then settled down to raise her family in Costa Rica, always maintaining her interest in art, design, jewelry, and antiques; interests that she will later integrate in her present work. Sculpture is currently Mesalles’s main medium and artists who use industrial waste, such as Mark di Suvero, Robert Rauschenberg, John Chamberlain, Anthony Caro and Bill Woodrow, are her inspiration.  This influential background combined with a personal proposal where sustainability merges with a new reinterpretation of Marcel Duchamp’s concept of the objet trouvé intertwine to demonstrate that everything has a renewable potential, and that in today’s world of abundance and overconsumption, we can extend the life of many pre-existing materials. 


About the Artist

Montserrat Mesalles’ proposal is very original and interesting. Her work is characterized by an amalgam of elements that highlight the particular creative capacity of the artist, specially her creative sensibility to work with industrial waste.


Her works are constructions particular in their materials and resemantization that stand out due to their sculptural character and tridimensionality and induce the viewer to reflect and think. Her work of comic characters and cartoons transports the viewer to the game, and the ludic, so present in our lives during and after our childhood. She invites the viewers to question internally with her collection “All Miracles,” where she proposes a reinterpretation for the misinterpretation of the function of religious images.


In her work we see art and creation in those objects in which the majority of the population, artists or non-artists, do not even notice. Montserrat combines her creative capacity with her particular view of the world ,and in that way shares with us unique pieces, which transcend frontiers in a broad concept of art, with energy and strength to stand firm in space.


 Luis Rafael Nunez Bohorquez


Director and curator of  Calderon Guardia Museum


Solo Exhibitions  


2015  "En el umbral del desecho, intervenciones útiles," Museo Calderón Guardia, San José, Costa Rica. 

2013  "Objects of Design," Klaus Steinmetz Gallery, San José, Costa Rica. 



Group Exhibitions 


2016 "POP ART," Valoarte, San José, Costa Rica.

2015  "CR Diseña EXPO," Art Walk, San José, Costa Rica. 

2015  "WonderWoman Art Bra," 5th Riga International Textile and Fiber Art Triennial, Riga, Latvia. 

2014  "SOFA Chicago," Represented by María Elena Kravetz Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

2014  "VALOARTE," Artflow Gallery, San José, Costa Rica. 

2014  "Arte en Mayo," Rozas Botrán Foundation,  Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala, Guatemala. 

2013  "Arte, música, y maridaje," Artflow Gallery, San José, Costa Rica 

2013  "Arte Objeto," National Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.