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Britney Penouilh

Venice, CA 90291, U.S.A.
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Phone: 5044620911

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BRITNEY PENOUILH is an American artist whose interest in geology and natural environments has exerted great influence over her mixed media panels and sculptures.  Focused on the conceptual understanding of a system, Penouilh’s collage aesthetic assembles fragments of scientific text like layers of strata beneath the distressed surface of her paintings.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Penouilh studied fine art and geology at the University of New Orleans. She has done artist residencies in New York, Alaska, and North Carolina; and she continues field studies and mining exploration around the world.  Currently, Penouilh lives and works in Los Angeles, California.



2010   Bachelor of Fine Art  |  Geology   |  Magna Cum Laude  
           University of New Orleans
2009   Doshishsa University  |  Kyoto, Japan
2006   UNO Honors Travel Studies |  Greece
1998   Paulette Purser Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain


2017   Azule, Hot Springs, NC
2016   Chulitna Lodge, Lake Clark, AK
            Carole Feuerman Foundation, New York, NY


2017  Respect, The Church of St. Paul the Apostle, New York, NY
           Resident ShowAzule, Hot Springs, NC
           Cultural GridNew Orleans Art Center, New Orleans, LA
2016   Run to the WoodsHall Barnett, New Orleans, LA
            Anba DloThe Healing CenterNew Orleans, LA
           TranscendenceNew Orleans Art Center, New Orleans, LA
           Of Myth, Fun, and Folly, New Orleans Art Center, New Orleans, LA
           Pelican Bomb, New Orleans, LA
           The Sacred Music Festival, New Orleans, LA
           Megalomania FourBoyd Satellite, New Orleans, LA
2015   Mixing MediasMana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ
           Anba Dlo, The Healing Center, New Orleans, LA
           FLAG, Sculpture for New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
           Group ShowHall Barnett Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2014   Tribute to Charles Bukowski,  International House Hotel, New Orleans, LA
2011   Artist, No Dead Artists, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2010   Group ShowGuy Lyman Fine Art, New Orleans, LA
2010   Honors Thesis Show, University of New Orleans, LA


2016    The Artist Catalogue, Winter 2016 Volume 5 Issue 4, New York, NY
2015   Mixing MediasMana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ
2012   Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, Cathedral Arts, New Orleans, LA
No Dead Artists, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA
100 sqft – Arts After Dark Exhibition, ArtEgg Studios, New Orleans, LA & London, England


2017   Artist Residency, Azule, Hot Springs, SC
2016   Artist Residency, Carole Feuerman Foundation, New York, NY
Artist Residency, Chulitna Lodge, Lake Clark, AK
2008   1st Place Scholarship, Overture to Cultural Seasons Award, University of New Orleans, LA
2007   1st Place, Ernest & Shirley Svenson Drawing Competition, University of New Orleans, LA


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"Downtown Krewes Meet Alexander the Great at Carnival Fete" Strachan, Sue. Times Picayune. 
          January 13, 2017
The Artist CatalogueWinter 2016 Volume 5 Issue 4, New York, NY
"Myth, Fun & Folly + Y'all Don't Want to Hear Us, You Just Want to Dance" Bookhardt, Erik. 
          New Orleans Art Insider. July 17, 2016
"Foundation Names First Resident Artist" Handmade Business. June 2016: 31 print
"The Carole A. Feuerman Foundation Names its' First Resident Artist" 
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"Find New Orleans St. Joseph Day Altars in the Most Unusual Places" Maloney, Ann. 
          Times Picayune. March 17 2016
 "Mixing Medias" ArtWeek. December 16, 2015
"Three lucky artists to receive grants at Mana Contemporary"  Panico, Rebecca. The Jersey Journal.     
          December 11, 2015
"Scott Eustis, Jonathan Henderson and Britney Penouilh on the 2015 Anba Dlo Water Festival" 
          WTUL News.
  October 15, 2015
"Pulp Party Bukowski's Birthday Bash" NOLA Defender. August 15, 2015
“Perception is Reality” Penouilh, Britney. Art + Design Magazine. Fall 2013
"Big Easy Business" Magraff, Craig. Where Y’at. August 26, 2013
"No Dead Artists: Juried Exhibition of 14 Emerging American Artists" Bookhardt, Erik. Gambit. 
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“The Annual ‘No Dead Artist’ Show Opens at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans”
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"The R-Tist Revue" Boeckleman, Bob. Cox Channel 76. New Orleans, LA. November 24, 2010
“Art Student Honored by Faculty of UNO” Stelly, Kat. Times Picayune. May 31, 2007


2017   Artist Talk, Azule, Hot Springs, NC
2017   Artist Talk, New Orleans Art Center, New Orleans, LA
2016   Studio Assistant to Carole Feuerman, New York, NY
2015-  Art Instructor, New Orleans, LA
2013-  Director, Magdalena Juried Exhibition, International House, New Orleans, LA
2013   Art Director, Art + Designer Magazine, New Orleans, LA
2012-17   Art Director, Ekistics, New Orleans, LA
2012   Art Director, Amelie G Magazine, New Orleans, LA
2011   Art Instructor, Young Audiences, New Orleans, LA
2007-2011   Assistant Director, Callan Contemporary, New Orleans, LA 


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