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Paul Higham

Alfred, NY 14802, U.S.A.
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Phone: 917 685 7733

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My work is driven by the concept of data and deals with the commodification of information and dynamics of data itself. I harvest grains of data from digital streams mined from population in real time revealing organicity, hysteresis & turbulence within our culture. It visualizes in shape and form the flux of societal transformations such as the freeze and crash of the dollar. Retrieving real world data from sources such as the Dow Jones Index, the Statue of Liberty, The Texts of Malthus, Gold Futures, as well as GPS, weather and satellite streams. I synthesize these sets of data with coding & genetic algorithms, perturb them with viruses & noise in order to generate automata in series thus creating new three dimensional fractal forms; a process I call ‘Autotecture’ that in turn produce works I refer to as ‘Data Sculpture'. I have been producing Data Sculpture works like these since 1997 with the early days of rapid prototyping. I output the data as objects through cnc/rapid prototype technology or as flat maps. The works are shown in multiple states as data sculpture & data sonification or left in their real time evolving virtual state as installations and projections. RESUME Born: Edinburgh, Scotland 1954 Lives: New York, USA Education 1971 Liverpool School of Art, Foundation Studies, UK. 1973-77 Goldsmiths School of Art, Sculpture, London University, UK. 1995 Prosolvia International, Diploma in virtual reality & realtime simulation. Research / Residencies Recent residencies include: Alfred University, School of the Art Institute Chicago, Cranbrook Academy of Art New York Institute of Technology NY, Santa Fe Art Institute and Headlands, CA. 1996-99 International Research Fellow in Electronic Arts, Studio Arts, University of Minnesota, USA. 1995 – 2005 Advanced Research Lab Residencies 1996 Stratasys Rapid Prototype Corporation, MN. 1998 Prosolvia International Sweden/USA and Virtual Reality Simulations Research Development Team,USA. Resident at the Human Factors Virtual Reality Lab and the Advanced visualization lab at the University of Minnesota. Recent Exhibitions 2016 Solo Show ‘Data Sculpture’ Lycoming Gallery, Williamsport, PA ‘Ars Mathematica’ Salon Culture et Jeux, Place St Sulpice, Paris ‘Process + Production’ Invitational. Steamtown Gallery Scranton , PA ‘Assises Européennes de la Fabrication Additive / European Symposium on Additive Manufacturing’ École Centrale Paris, International Mathematics Olympiads: by invitation of the French Consulate team who sponsored our previous exhibition, in 2014 et the PolyU, Hong Kong ‘Virtually Solid’ Florida Atlantic University, Jacksonville, Florida ’20 Years of Franconia Sculpture Park’ Alumni Exhibition, Casket Gallery, Minneapolis. ‘Kant’ Vermont Studio Center, Vermont. ‘American Twist’ New York Sculptors Guild Members Show, Governors Island, NYC ‘Fete de la Science’ Ars Mathematica Paris Selected Exhibitions 2015-2008 include: Context Miami, Governors Island Art Fair,The International Rapid Prototyping Sculpture Exhibition, Southwestern University, Austin, TX, traveling from NYIT, New York to Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England, University of Houston at Clear Lake, Clear Lake, TX, Kemper Room Gallery, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, Zoller Gallery, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, DAPP Gallery, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum, California State University, San Bernardino, CA. Digital Art, Gallery DAKART,Keur Thiossane Villa pour les Arts Multimedia, Senegal,Africa. Digital Art Exhibition, Yeditepe University Istanbul Turkey