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Sam Diamond

756 Ewing Rd
Collegeville, PA 19330, U.S.A.
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Exhibitions 2016 -International Sculpture Center's Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton NJ -MFA In-Progress, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia Pa 2014 -Selected for Commission Permanent Collection in Planetarium, West Chester Pa -Senior BFA Show, West Chester University, West Chester Pa -College Night, Kimmel Centre, Philadelphia Pa 2013 -Clay @ WCU, Oxford Art Alliance, Oxford Pa 2011 -End of the Year Show, Delaware County Community College, Media Pa Awards -2016 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, International Sculpture Center, Hamilton, NJ -Ceramic Pitcher #12, West Chester University, West Chester , Pa -2014 Outstanding Contribution to the Department of Art + Design, West Chester University, West Chester , Pa Education Master in Fine Arts Candidate: Studio Art, Moore College of Arts and Design 2017 Bachelors of Fine Arts Minor in Art History, West Chester University 2014 About Sam Diamond's work: As an artist craft and craftsmanship is a large part of my work. I am a three dimensional artist with a strong focus in ceramics. I grapple with the need of having discoveries, meaning to work ahead on a piece. Planning four steps ahead before physically changing a piece to solve issues of construction for fabrication if there are multiple parts, figuring out how to fire a piece without losing shape or surface, and how to present a piece to know where to add holes or brackets systems. My way of processing is to look at the possible outcomes and my functional work helps with this discovering. I use my functional work almost as a meditational purpose to let my mind get away and naturally find a resolution to an issue. My functional work is also used as an experimental process, applying a new techniques or applications. In my work I like to explore contrasting meanings with materials and concepts. Using a material like clay, which has a long durable history, to capture a moment or to use a subject that has such a short life expectancy. I look at the body as subject, I am not looking to find the ideal form. Often I use my own body just because I always have it with me when working, I also do not have to rely on someone being there to be able to work. I also personally enjoy going through the process of encapsulating my own body and having that experience directly. My interest is in the human form. I address the human form as a vessel. A vessel that we are restrained to. The idea of the body as a vessel is addressing the limited time we are in possession of it and the borrowed time we spend within it. After we no longer occupy the vessel there is a void or missing part of the body. I am capturing a moment in time and preserving a feeling or act, in a ridged material. Almost like an artifact quality, a moment in our time and development. These snippets of our timeline are focused on the traumas we face through life on a daily basis and the afflictions we gather through life. We are temporary, we all have an uncontrollable demise, and our bodies are not ever-lasting.