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James McClain

100A Garden Spot Cir
Liberty, SC 29657, U.S.A.
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Phone: 862-202-1066

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The works of artist DameMaDame where influenced by the call heard from the natural stones on Earth. From copper, gold, and silver to every type of crystal & mineral found in Nature.  These calls are heard by his inner spirit, his soul, his ghosts, his inner Light aka (who we actually really are).


DameMaDame in 1977 was trained and employed as a faux marble painter/natural stone brick face artist. While in High school each day at 2:30pm Monday to Friday he would work eight hour shifts for a luxury Real Estate firm customizing interior architectural design layouts for residential apartments. In 1987 DameMaDame open his first custom furniture store called Spy Designs in East Orange, New Jersey. Specializing in all original (one of a kind) art sold as living room tables, Bedroom suit cabinets, DJ turntable & mixer consoles and custom speaker cabinets.


Infinite Energy Sculptor, the artistic philosophy of DameMaDame the artist. Everything is energy. From the shapes we draw on paper to the thoughts in our minds, all energy. DameMaDame has started a movement to heal the world with healing energy. This healing energy is distributed in the form of photographs. Photographs capture and radiate the captured energy nonstop.  DameMaDame has lab tested the levels of healing energy in his (Magi Man Healing Art Sculpture). That energy has been captured in 4KHD Photographs FREE TO THE WORLD. His goal is the distribute 1 BILLION FREE PHOTOGRAPHS worldwide in the next five years. For the purpose of providing healing energy for Mankind mind, body & spirit.