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Marķa Teresa Camacho-Hull

13830 Esworthy Road
Darnestown, MD 20874, U.S.A.
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Phone: 301-869-8549

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Artist Statement:

“As artists, we have the ability of combining our art skills with the need for awareness of the physical world. I believe our role is to initiate interaction not only with nature in general, but, more importantly, with the involvement of the creative viewers. We must focus on the need to preserve our environment - to engage through collaboration and make possible the changes that are necessary to reclaim and sustain our natural resources.”


Associate of Arts in Photography from Montgomery College, Maryland
Master’s of Fine Arts, with an emphasis on Painting from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
Master’s of Arts in Hispanic Literature from The Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

Selection of Solo and Group Exhibitions:

2016 "itinerarius", Mueso Cultural San Francisco, La Paz, Bolivia

2014 “littleSCULPTURE Exhibition,” 24th International Sculpture Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana

2013 “Chacana - Cruz Andina,” permanent installation, Ars.Natura.Uta, Achocalla, La Paz, Bolivia

2007 “Sculpture Now,” Washington Sculptors Group,, Juried by Ramon Osuna, Washington Square, Connecticut Av, Washington, DC

2006 “Real Beauty,” -Eve Ensler: ...diversity and specificity of global culture...”,
Exhibition Venues: Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, LA; University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland; University of New England; WWCA Women’s Art Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

2003 “III Salon International de Arte,” SiART Bolivia, Calle Ayacucho esq. Potosi, La Paz, Bolivia

2001 “Espiritu de Bolivia,” el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2001 “Sculptors at Work,” Corcoran Gallery of Art - Hemicycle Gallery, Washington DC Curator: John Beardsley, Director, Kreeger Museum, Washington, DC

1999 “Proposición Retorno...,” Obras, Instalación y Performance, Salon de Exposiciones Temporales C.S.I., Centro Pedagógico y Cultural Simón Patiño, Cochabamba, Bolivia

1996 “María Teresa Camacho-Hull,” Sala de Exposiciones Portales, Centro Pedagogic Cultural Simón Patiño, Calle Pando, Queru Queru, Cochabamba, Bolivia

1994 “Ecce Homo,” Palacio Chico antes Correo, La Paz, Bolivia

1990 “M. Teresa Camacho-Hull,” Sponsored by the Montgomery County Recreations Department, McCrillis Gardens and Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland

1989 “María Teresa Camacho-Hull,” Museo Nacional de Arte, Instituto Boliviano de Cultura, La Paz, Bolivia

Selected Performances & Installations:

“Ecce Homo,” Pintura y Escultura de Teresa Camacho y Keiko Gonzalez, Museo Chico antes Correo General, Ministerio de Cultura, La Paz, Bolivia. Exhibit and Performance presented by Teresa Camacho collaborating with María Jose Rivera, ballerina.

“Bolivia: Art lnstallation and Performance Dance,” directed by Teresa Camacho-Hull in collaboration with ballerina María Jose Rivera, Latin American Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Inauguration of “El Salar,” Gallery of Art of Gaston Ugalde with Keiko Gonzalez’s art exhibition of paintings. Performance presentation directed by Teresa Camacho-Hull with the participation of ballerina María Jose Rivera, Sopocachi, La Paz, Bolivia


María Teresa Camacho-Hull received a MFA from the University of Maryland, College Park and an MA in Hispanic Literature from The Catholic University of America, Washington DC. She also received an Associate Degree in Photography, working solely with it for seven years.

She was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, spent a year as a high school exchange students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and met her husband Charles Jesse Hull II in La Paz, while he was serving as a Marine Guard in the U.S. Embassy. She moved to the United States after her marriage to Chuck and for over forty years now has been living in Montgomery County, Maryland. Currently she splits her time between the USA and Bolivia, commuting back and forth and working all the while in her studios in both countries.

Together with her late husband Chuck she is the owner and founder of ARS.NATURA.UTA, a Culture and Arts Center in the rural community of Achocalla, just outside of La Paz, Bolivia.

For María Teresa, Bolivia and her adopted USA are two countries that will always be in her heart. This duality that has encompassed her life inspires her art.