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Danielle Gerber

Portland, ME 04101, U.S.A.
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Phone: 207-272-2285

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Danielle Gerber is a local Maine Artisan, who grew up on the coast of New Hampshire and moved to Maine to attend the Maine College of Art. Growing up in rural New England instilled a fascination with natural objects and love of working with her hands. As a trained metalsmith, she crafts jewelry and sculptural objects; which she sells at local stores and craft shows throughout New England. In 2016 she was awarded National Craft Week’s Rising Stars 30 Exceptional Craftspeople Under 30 Award for her raised metal sculptures.

This body of work is spurred from my love of forming metal and the natural patterns created through water and wind erosion. My copper and bronze sculptures utilize the traditional form of the vessel with natural textures and forms that are created through the traditional silversmithing technique, raising. This technique moves metal through a slow methodical process, much the same way water and wind sculpt the earth. I choose to use the shape of the vessel because of our already intimate relationship with this form. The implication of function, and natural patterns and textures are used to invite one to touch and caress these objects. I want to explore how this can develop a personal relationship, engaging both a visual and sensual experience. I use high-quality, infinitely recyclable materials, as well as a technique that creates lifelong products, to add value to the objects; and possibly make the viewer question the nature of our materialism.