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Mike Kammerer

3171 Stevenson Place
Victoria, British Columbia V8X1C4, Canada
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Mike grew up in Waterloo, Ontario and was intensely interested in both art and science from a young age.   He strikes a balance between his art practice and developing other knowledge outside of art.   He spends four to six months of the year rigorously dedicated to making art in his studio in Victoria, British Columbia, while pursuing adventurous career experiences for the rest of the year.   He has worked in environmental science, has done extensive geological mapping and exploration in remote areas of northern Canada, and is currently working on wind power turbines as a rope access technician in northern Quebec.   For Mike, art cannot be done in the vacuum of an insular art world, but needs to be enriched and inspired by perspectives gained through other disciplines.    His work has been exhibited in galleries in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, and Los Angeles.