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Lucie Maragni

2174 Vauxhall Road
, 07083
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Phone: 9084631748     Fax: 9084631748

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Lucie's family settled in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1957. The entire world was going through big changes and so was Lucie. Although she was quite shy, she always felt a strong urge to create. She excelled in art and won art awards in grammar and high school. She managed to do really well in college and later went on to graduate school at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.  One of her professors was the late Calvin Albert! Her sculptures reflected his influence. At this time she also met her first husband (a sculptor) but unfortunately this marriage did not last long.

Sculpture was her first love however painting came along later. After college she continued to create sculptures but in order to survive she found work as a photo retoucher in New York City. She worked for many retouching companies and did well. Here she started to focus on two dimensional work. Her paintings were in oil and primarily florals or landscapes. She had a show at the  Z gallery in 1992. This gallery was in Soho just across the street from OK Harris. She went on to show at many other galleries in New Jersey, Washington DC and Atlanta. It was an amazing time.
Lucie has taught art on the college level in many colleges since 1977. New Jersey City University, Seton Hall, Warren County Community College and Essex County College were among some of the adjunct teaching positions she held. Later she married again and they settled in Union, NJ. The retouching business was totally dried up in New York City so Lucie began studying computer graphics. Her talents once more surfaced as a graphic designer. She was successful at this for at over ten years. 
Miracles do happen and her son was born! Now things took another turn. This form of creation was of the highest level to her. She continued to paint and sculpt and show her work.. while being a full time mother. Motherhood was the most difficult job she ever had! However she felt it was worth it all.
Lucie once said “God gave me this talent and it would be a shame to waste it.” In spite of all the ups and downs in her life she always created her art.
Those of us who own one of her creations always admire and praise it. One of life’s treasures!