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Gail Folwell

3550 Frontier Ave (Unit D)
Boulder, CO 80301, U.S.A.
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Phone: 7203341164

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Art is a narrative that stirs the soul. 

Its purpose, to inspire, teach and heal through inquiry. 

The value to be measured is not in shock, visual trickery or even quality of craft. 

The value is manifest by your experience in its presence.

De gustibus non est disputandum. 

Art is a conduit to the sublime nature of our shared existence. 

Gail Slatter Folwell

I have had the pleasure of creating large-scale public figurative sculpture to connect with people across the United States. One of two commissions for the Denver Art Museum, 'Tête à Tête' (2013), is two figures whose dialog is completely reinvented when spun. Happily and as was my intention, Tête à Tête, became so popular to touch, the museum adopted a hands-on exception to their rules. My first monument was 'The Edge' for Vail Resort's Mountain Plaza in 2008. A tribute to Vail's Olympic and World Cup Athletes, the sculpture has become a favorite photo opportunity for visitors and award ceremonies. I was recently delighted to have a stranger tell me he uses The Edge, to teach his children proper skiing mechanics. In August, 2015 I created a piece for Canton, Ohio and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 'The NFL Draft, 1936'. The imposing offensive line is a conceptual historic narrative celebrating Bert Bell and his collaborative leadership and contributions to the great game of football and engages fans from everywhere to take their quarterback stance behind the imposing line. 


I have designed, sculpted, coordinated and installed numerous private and public art commissions. Projects have included work with architects, landscape and lighting designers, structural engineers, general contractors and construction crews. I am organized, efficient and thoroughly enjoy the coordination, deadlines and consideration of budgets. I’ve engineered tenuously balanced 22’ basketball players prepared to withstand hurricanes and single post mounted athletes ready to withstand crowds of enthusiastic sports fans. I consider safety, the environment and the public art experience paramount.  With a prior career in design and illustration, owning a design firm and teaching at the University of Denver and Metro State College, I thrive on client relationships, project goals and deadlines.


The beauty of art is it’s capacity to connect to a personal experience. Art draws viewers in to inspire, teach and heal. The work presented here illustrates my ability to capture the essence of a moment bated with the energy surrounding it's inception. As an athlete and artist, I am enamored by the body and its expression through gesture. Exploring musculature, speed and grace, I'm moved to make art that is uplifting, engaging, conceptually curious, poignant or humorous, alluring from distant silhouette to close and tactile detail. I sculpt people that engage people. My work is a reflection of experiences that make humans fascinating and life so beautiful.