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Cheryl Coon

4333 Holden 53
Emeryville, CA 94608, U.S.A.
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Phone: 4158300684

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I am interested in microscopic organisms, diseases, viruses, and insects. The sculptures refer to cells, spores, pollen, and minute creatures which have the power to affect our physical well-being. These biological abstractions are investigations of the attraction/repulsion and the extreme beauty of natural organisms.

The sculptures made with plastic, wax, and ceramics are observations on aquatic forms seen over many years of kayaking and fishing around the Sea of Cortez and Baja. I am fascinated by mysterious organisms like diatoms and plankton that demonstrate infinite variations of natural geometry.

The nail installations are made with barbed steel, tied or welded into clusters. Some are installed by throwing the objects rather violently at the wall. This chaotic method of installation reflects our inability to control natural phenomenon in spite of our scientific efforts to recreate and harness biological organisms.

The sculptures are indicative of many recurring patterns in nature, such as shells, spikes, thorns or fish spines which are used by organisms for protection – to repel intruders in a hostile environment.


MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, and BAs in Art & French from Humboldt State. Studied art history at the Université de Paris XIII, Panthéon-Sorbonne. Has had exhibitions at the de Saisset Museum, Triton Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Rosa, State University of New York, Morris Graves Museum, Euphrat Museum, and San Francisco State University Art Gallery, and internationally at the The Rooms Gallery in Canada, the Polymer Culture Factory, Katlamaja, Estonia and the Galerii Y, University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia and the Physics Room in Christschurch, New Zealand. Awards include the Carl Djerassi Honorary Fellowship from the Djerassi Artist Residency program, a full sculpture fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center, an artist residency at the Pouch Cove Foundation in Newfoundland, and an artist residency at Villa Montalvo.