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Margaux Crump

Houston, TX , U.S.A.
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My current practice examines the constructs of gender and nature through the lens of power relationships. Lately I’ve been looking at hunting and courting as a way to trace the complex movements of power between bodies. Materials like sparkling salt licks, golden fish hooks, sex-safe silicone, and fluorescent minerals come together in unfamiliar ways, drawing the viewer in while blurring the boundaries between predator and prey; subject and object; masculine and feminine.

One of the things I’m most interested in is expanding the idea of body. How we define a body and who we decide gets to have a body is incredibly anthropocentric. We give bodies to people and we refer to animals as having bodies—but we don’t often give bodies to plants or rocks or something as intangible as light. So in this work, I’m probing what we can see or understand as a body. It exists both as flesh and non-flesh, organic and inorganic, sculpture and text. It reveals points of overlap—moments wherein binary constructs dissolve and we catch glimpses of ourselves in the other. This broadened understanding of the body encourages us to imagine a more complex spectrum of experience that is organized not by ‘either/or’ but by ‘and’.