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Richard Skelton

204 riverside dr
Mount Clemens, MI 48043, U.S.A.
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Phone: 5862654160
URL: http:// the skelton files

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At this moment in time, after 5 decades of post graduate free cultural and gallery exhibitions my work is expressing a Mesmering quality. the ceramic imagery developed from classic and abstracted forms the sculptural direction influenced by the female figure and the "surrealist" mind.... encouraged by a mind expanding organic lifestyle....culminating by combining, the encroaching seepage of human myth, cultural icons and the political religious pop heavy metal gothic erotic right angled nature of amerika's society into the artists deliciously hilarious relationship with the organic universe. a dramatic shift began with the 1989 transition from the artists self designed and built solar electric round house excavated into the rural foothills of the sierras back to the grey matter of detroit's salted concrete transending the usual third dimensions of form. creating a resonance between the viewer and the work, at first somewhat unsettling eventually becoming meditating addictive and mind expanding fear is the fool of power r skelton