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Ulf Koenig

Scultetusweg 2, -
none, 89075, Venezuela
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Phone: 0049 73158651

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I live and work as a freelance artist in the city of Ulm, Germany.

In my early life, art has played an important role, thanks to my father, an oil painter and cartoonist. He teached me in painting and lateron I made autodidactic studies in design and architecture. However, first I turned to the exact science, studied physics and electronic engineering, and worked for three decades as PhD engineer and manager in major German industrial enterprises.

I dedicated myself completely to art in 2005, with focus on sculptures. In 2014 I founded the artists group AV-SCILLS, in order to create Audio Visual SCulptural ILLusionS.

Worldwide, I have exhibited sculptures and have presented multimedia shows together with the artists group. I received art prizes and ratings, have published in several art magazines, and have edited some art videos.



Constructivist wall sculptures, in terms of strictly geometrical forms and primary colors, in addition to black and white which match or alternatively contrast to the artwork's background, are in my focus. An additional feature is their distinctive accentuation of a three-dimensional layout.

The artworks indicate influences of architecture and technology. I attempt to explore artistically a more subjective point of view for prosaic objects in technology and science. Series like City's Metamorphosis and Arterial Roads leave the impression of artistically alienated architecture models, addressing critically the rather hostile design of traditional megalopolises. The very recent series Architecture Criticism, composed of oversculpted photographs, opens up even ironic, provocative views onto urban districts. Stylistic elements of the symbolism become apparent here, whose visual ambiguity leaves scope for stimulating associations.

On the other hand, I apply new technologies/media to find, together with music/sound, new ways of imagination and presentation of my sculptures, e.g. awaking the virtual illusion of room-filling sculptures by means of a 3D-video, 3D-glasses and 3D-sound.