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Marina Smelik


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 I grew up in the suburbs on the coast of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by forest and beautiful beaches. Close contact with nature affected my whole life, especially made its mark on my artistic style. 

While in high school I enrolled in the School-Studio of the Fine Arts that provided me a strong foundation of academic knowledge of many different techniques and styles and set me off on the path of exploration. I have done Plain-Air pastel painting, watercolor and oil painting, silk screening, and mixed media. Over time 3D art became most appealing to me. I focused on direct stone carving and ceramics.
The inspiration for my works always comes from nature. There is nothing better and stronger than it. The more I observe and explore the world around us, the more I marvel at its originality and uniqueness. Most of my works created under this influence.
My favorite materials are stone and clay.
Stone cannot be compared to any other material. When I'm working with a stone, I'm listening to what it "tells" me. Every stone has its character. Sometimes the stone is a collaborator; sometimes it is an opponent. Great results can be achieved only by compromising. Working on the project, I'm trying to express my thoughts and enrich them with purity of the material. My works always a combination of the plasticity of forms, movement, organical biomorphic shapes, "S" curves, a combination of positive and negative spaces.
Another material I'm working with is clay. It is almost complete opposite to stone - it is an obedient material that allows me to embody my ideas and always cooperates with me. My works are handbuilt sculptures and pottery. I find clay's natural color and texture attractive and trying to preserve them in works as much as possible. Glazes are used sporadically and only to highlight or contrast the natural beauty of the material used. Underglaze painting also opens new horizons in working with clay and offered many new possibilities.
Since 2013 I work at Art Academia - European School of Arts as a 3D arts teacher. My goal of teaching is to develop a love for creativity and make sure that every student feels satisfaction from the process of creation and the result.
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