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Chelsea Steinberg-Gay

New York, NY 10027, U.S.A.
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 Artist Statement

Object-making is at the root of everything I do. I make objects and often these inspire or involve drawing, photography, video, sound or performance, to become a finished piece. Rather than working exclusively in certain materials, I gather or fabricate wherever feels most appropriate to realize the piece. Recent sculptures have included bronze, paper, photocopies, fabric, found objects and laser-cut plexiglas. I make a conscious effort to keep my works small, intimate. Occasional collaboration with other artists, family members and school children allows me to explore how one concept of memory can have significance for different people. Memory is often a springboard for new work, while religious and folkloric interpretations of the life cycle and the occult relate the pedestrian to the preternatural. My English-teacher mother always told me to "write what you know," so I work from there, and from memories of growing up in Brooklyn and Queens, in the 1990s, in a secular humanist Jewish family.

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