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Paul Bonomini

5 Home Meadow Mews
London, London SE22 0EA, England
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Phone: 07836361010

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 Paul Bonomini is a British sculptor. He is an elected and active member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. He has recently been selected to show a major work in a solo space at the Venice Biennale; the “Time-Space-Existence” exhibition will run from May to November 2018. In addition he is in the process of updating and re-siting The WEEEMAN at Eden Project Cornwall in 2019/20. Previous exhibitions include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the final show at the Cork Street Gallery London and several exhibitions at Morely College.

His work currently follows two particular flows. The first based on his interest in the beauty and symmetry of The Platonic Solids, in particular the cube. Prominent in the philosophy of Plato each of the four classical elements (earth, air, water and fire) is associated with a regular solid. The cube with earth, the Octahedron with air, the Icosahedron with water and the Tetrahedron with fire. Of the fifth Platonic solid, the Dodecahedron, Plato remarked “…the god used [it] for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven”.

In direct contrast to the ordered geometry of his cube forms, the second flow of work follows a more organic, narrative driven set of themes. His Vanitas works set in vitrines filled with glycerine resemble reliquaries, containing bones, cast iron skulls, and a forged steel skeletal hand holding a chicken bone. The authenticity of the relics within is a matter for debate. The bar code labels and seals could indicate that they are part of a valued collection, a kind of bizarre forensic archaeological archive. 

Paul’s work is driven by process, and materials. Casting, forging and constructing pieces in a range of materials, including bronze, Iron, concrete, glass, steel and more recently 3D printed plastics. Although distinctly different his two current areas of interest are intrinsically linked by their homogeny of material usage. Paul’s background in Theatre Design informs his use of space, spatial relationships and occasionally narrative – as Dan Flavin says said “It is what it is, and it ain’t nothin’ else”