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Ivanno Macci

1006-144 W. 14th St
Vancouver, British Columbia V7M1P1, Canada
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Phone: 6047002068

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Ivanno Macci is a Colombian – Italian – Canadian self-made Sculptor with a rare and diverse background.

His sculptures consist of artwork created from rare wood pieces discovered in the northern cold waters of the Pacific Ocean; where the sculptor, utilizing a “fishing” technique, a wood cleaning and drying procedure and accurate woodcuts, creates unique artwork that takes you through a sensorial and harmonious experience.

The series represents a singular and inventive approach to modern and contemporary art embracing nature, mechanical tools and modern technology.

Ivanno’s artwork reveals and displays the relationship of mind, hands, tools and the interaction between nature and human imagination.  His work shows the combination of the left and right side of the brain working together as one where the logical meets the creative to produce each artpiece.

All sculptures are eco-friendly, utilizing wood materials taken from the ocean waters and incorporating marble and various materials from recycling sources.

Due to the rare and unique kinds of wood that are utilized in his artwork, every wood sculpture has its own Certificate of Origin.  The Certificate of Origin includes the date, time, location where the wood was caught, wood type, origin and age along with a microscope picture of the wood that identifies the piece.

In conclusion, Macci’s sculptures reflect a state of harmony and symmetry among its components, where the sculptor reveals the “unseen” from nature, which is his great passion!!!