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Robin Crocker

32 Loring Rd.
Bristol, RI 02809, U.S.A.
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Phone: 2013902469

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Robin Crocker: Artist’s Statement


In 1977 two space probes, Voyager I and II, were launched into space, each carrying a golden record filled with sounds and images depicting life on Earth. It was an attempt to communicate our world experience on this planet with whomever they might encounter. What a spectacular leap of faith! It is with that same hopefulness that I share my work. I, too, am compiling favorite bits culled from my experience - poetry, philosophy, color, texture, and form, to express my experience as a being living within this vast continuum. 


Text is often the catalyst for my work. I use letters to physically construct poetry or literature that is meaningful to me. Shadows cast by the sculpture are an important aspect of the work, illuminating the relationship between the incorporeal thought and its concrete expression. The text comprising the vessel-like pieces spirals, inviting the viewer to circle the piece. The viewer is drawn into orbit, engaged as a celestial body. Viewers who read the text may grasp its content. Viewers who can’t, may perceive the letters as symbols or objects. Like a vinyl album, DVD or memory stick, the collection of letters harbors meaning; without the ability to decode or translate, the recorded content remains inscrutable. The artifact must be interpreted based on its own merits.


Math is another language at play in my work; geometry and the Fibonacci sequence are key components. I exploit their iconographic nature. A rusted circle in Comme une Vielle Orange becomes a sad, dried-up orange from Baudelaire’s Les Fleur du Mal.  A diamond shape emerges as the ‘diamond that cuts through illusion’ from The Diamond Sutra.  A Fibonacci spiral of tiny golden circuits depicts a galaxy peppered across the black expanse of my piece, Pity this Busy Monster Man. 


In crafting my work, I deliberately employ elemental materials that develop a patina. Surfaces are achieved through chemical exposure, environmental conditions and time. In this way I invite the hand of Nature in to my art making process. I relinquish the notion of sole authorship. 


My work is an expression of our dual nature, exploring our ability to be at once a state of conscious awareness and a physical being. As I draw ideas from the immaterial realm of language into the tangible presence of text, I am traversing those two states. I am celebrating that wonder and mystery.