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Lin Ji

Atlanta, GA 30309, U.S.A.
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 Webson(Lin) Ji is an artist dedicating on having a voice for his generation using art works as an expression. After got his bachelor degree from China Academy of China, China, he went to America taking the master degree in Savannah College of Art and Design, USA. 

The exploration on the essence of materiality is the driving point throughout Webson's artist career. He tries to combine the characteristic of materials with his ideas on illuminating his critical point of view. His background of being a swimmer in his early age contributes a close relationship with water to him. Also, as was born and raised in the Eastern part of the world, he treats the Eastern culture as another inspiring trigger.



2013-2017   BFA Public Art

                     China Academy of Art 

                     Shanghai, China

2017-           MFA Sculpture

                     Savannah College of Art and Design

                     Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Academic Practice 

<All You Need is An Opener>, Shanghai JPSACC Art Center, May, 2016, China

Seminar Member, “PUYU SUMMER” National Academy Sculpting Skills Seminar, July - September, 2016, China

<Gravity Knows>,  “IMMORTAL BAOSTEEL” Themed Art Exhibition of Nationwide Art College and Academies, November, 2016, China

<Window>, “ACG Find the Beauty in Life” Shanghai Themed Photograph Exhibition, December, 2016, China

<Show the Respect to the Cultural Deconstruction>, Shanghai Zhangjiang Modern Art Museum, June, 2017, China

<Dive In>, Solo Show, Garcia Wilburn Gallery, June, 2018, Atlanta, USA

Member of International Sculpture Center, June, 2018, New Jersey, USA

Best Young Artist of the Year, 2018 GAMMA Young Artist Competition, July 2018, Tokyo, Japan

First Price, H2O (July 2018) Art Exhibition,  J. Mane Gallery, July, 2018, USA