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Brooke Day

Johnson City, TN 37604, U.S.A.
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People cannot be told what to think, though art can offer a change of perspective.  The objective of my work is to facilitate conversations about social issues, such as, sex, gender, identity, preconceived ideas of beauty, and power struggles.  I gravitate toward these issues because, as a woman, I directly experience stereotyping, body shaming, sexual assault, and dehumanization. When I create works, I think about how society views women as lesser humans; as objects.


I believe this is the most important aspect in the issue of sexism. Objectification is the building block which perpetuates the institution of chauvinism. Obviously, the wage gap, reproductive rights, rape, and abuse, to name a few, are monumental issues, but they all stem from the same seed. Whether it is being cat called, feeling fear while walking down the street at night, being groped by someone who feels they have the right, or simply by being told you cannot achieve your goals based on your sex, all inequalities, no matter how small are toxic.

I chose to work with furniture because they are objects we can all relate to. We all use furniture, we purchase pieces we find aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Likewise, society tells women that to be their best they should be beautiful, docile, apologetic, and comforting. We are often treated like our only purpose in life is to serve those around us, like our wants and needs should come second.

My intention is to display a physical representation of what this inequality looks like. These pieces are a satirical representation of the ridiculousness that is sexism. If these pieces offend you, then good. If you think these pieces are absurd and almost humorous, good! Sexism is absurd, and it is ridiculous that we are still having the same conversation we have been having since first wave feminism. Honestly, sometimes you have to laugh about it because it is just too sad, and too difficult to comprehend. Imagine how juvenile it is that there is so much importance placed on one small aspect of our physical anatomy.

We have come so far as a society, accomplished monumental feats, but imagine what we could achieve if we could just realize that we are all human, put this nonsense aside, and work together. Sexism, like all forms of bigotry, is just an example of us standing in our own way. It is surprising that we have ever succeed at anything when we are so busy focusing on who deserves more power. We can’t change the world in a day, but we have to stop blaming society for our issues, and take responsibility. We are society, and we all have to consider how we treat one another. Open your eyes and look around. This is our country. Welcome home.