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Marilu Swett

14 Spring Park Ave
Boston, MA 02130, U.S.A.
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Phone: 6175246215

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         My sculptures and drawings allude to natural systems and subsystems, microscopic, telluric and oceanic form, the human body, and industrial artifacts. I have lately been looking at the ocean and its littoral variety with pleasure and concern, with a strong interest in our history with and debt to it. I cast, draw, scrub, carve, cut, tool, dye and paint materials to produce complex drawings and forms in plastic, resin, lead, bronze, rubber and mixed media. I sometimes include found objects. The work is serious and fanciful, abstracting, inventing, and drawing relationships among forms.

         My drawings include ideas about form, but also about the process of drawing itself, and about seeing as experience. Both endeavors employ abstract imagery rooted in a fascination with the biological and mechanical workings of the world. The drawings use black and white line, which, when I layer on vellum or cut and collage, I experience increasingly as an act of sculpture.