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Jane Grimm

1205 Stanyan Street
San Francisco, CA 94117, U.S.A.
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Phone: 415-205-4353

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                MFA with High Distinction, California College of Arts and Crafts ’92

                AB Sarah Lawrence College ’65

                The School of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston 1962-3


                Guest Lecturer: CCAC, Oakland, CA 3/11

CCAC, Oakland, CA 2/99

                              College of the Siskyous, Weed, CA 9/94

                Teaching Assistant: CCAC, Ceramic Department, Oakland, CA ‘91-2


Ceramics:  Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, 2017

   The Clay Studio, San Francisco, 2005-06

Jewelry:    Montclair Art Center, Montclair, NJ 1974

                              Sculpture: Junior League of Short Hills, NJ 1972

Solo Shows:

                2010       CCA, “Aquatic Abstractions”, Oakland, CA

                2009       Ruby’s Clay Studio, “Blue Lagoon”, San Francisco, CA

2007       Ruby’s Clay Studio, “Hearts: Homage to Saint Valentine”, San Francisco, CA

                2006       Ruby’s Clay Studio, “Atypical Tile”, San Francisco, CA   

2005          Enigma Gallery, Untitled, Essex Junction, VT

Oakland Museum Sculpture Court, Untitled, Oakland, CA

                2000       Pence Gallery, “Hats Off 2000!”, Davis CA

                1998       In Sight Gallery, “Summer Fun”, San Francisco, CA

                                The Fig Tree Gallery, “Evolutions”, Berkeley, CA

                1997       In Sight Gallery, “Elemental Explorations”, San Francisco, CA

                1994       College of the Siskyous, “Contemporary Clay Images”, Weed, CA

                1992       Downtown Gallery, CCAC, “Hearts, Cupids and Columns”, Oakland, CA


 Selected Group Shows:

                2018       American Craft Show, San Francisco, CA, 8/3-5

Andra Norris Gallery, “Glow”, Burlingame, CA, 2/3-3/24

StARTup Art Fair, The Kinney, Venice, CA, 1/26-28

                2017       Andra Norris Gallery, “Big Exhibition of Small Works”, Burlingame, CA, 11/18-1/27

Ruby’s Clay Studio, “Two Janes”, San Francisco, CA, 8/23-9/6/17

Andra Norris Gallery, “Shift”, Burlingame, CA, 6/3-7/22/17

Ruby’s Clay Studio, “Bowl”, San Francisco, CA, 5/17-6/12/17

Davis Art Center, “ACGA: Ceramics in Focus 2017, Davis, CA, 4/3-4/30/17

2016       Gallerie Citi, “Insiders”, Burlingame, CA, 12/3/16-2/3/17

SFMOMA Artist Gallery, Untitled, San Francisco, CA, 10/1-11/6

Ruby’s Clay Studio, “Functional Sculpture”, San Francisco, CA, 4/20-5/16

Slate Contemporary, “minimal”, Oakland, CA, 3/4-4/16

The Midway Creative Complex, “ArtSpan Selections 2016”, San Francisco CA, 1/26-2/29

2015       Gallerie Citi, “Luster”, Burlingame, CA, 11/12-12/31

Davis Art Center, “Ceramics in Focus”, Davis, CA, 4/30-5/27

American Museum of Ceramic Art, “Southern Migration”, Pomona, CA, 2/14-3/29

2013       Gallerie Citi, “Heads”, Burlingame, CA, 3/2-4/20

2012       Gallerie Citi, “Introduction two”, Burlingame, CA, 11/1-12/22

                San Pablo Art Gallery, “Fluid Geometry”, San Pablo, CA, 5/26-6/24

2007       Salmagundi Art Club, Untitled, New York, NY, 10/27-11/2

                Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, New York, NY, Untitled, 9/4-10/2

                ARTwork SF Gallery, “Nocturnal Vision”. San Francisco, CA, 9/4-10/1

Richmond Art Center, “Pacific Rim Sculptors Group 2007 Summer Members

Exhibition”, Richmond, CA, 6/14-8/11

                Pence Gallery, “Follow the Line”, Davis, CA, 4/27-6/10

871 Fine Arts, “4 Generations of Women at CCA”, SF, CA, 4/17-5/30

Creative Arts Workshop, “Ceramic Abstraction”, New Haven, CT, 3/30-5/4

Chicago Art Source Gallery, “Plane”, Chicago, IL 3/5-4/15

                                Asylum Gallery, “The Alliance of Women Artists,” Sacramento, CA 1/13-2/12

2006       ARTwork SF Gallery, “Peace, Love, Joy, Art,” San Francisco, CA, 12/9-30

              600 Townsend, “16 Years at 600 Townsend”, San Francisco, CA, 7/27-9/7

Pence Gallery, Davis, CA, “ACGA@Pence Gallery, 4/26-5/25

California College of the Arts, Oliver Art Center, T. Bruce Gallery, Oakland, CA “CCA Ceramics 1950-2005” 1/17-2/7

2005          Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, CA, “60 Years of Fire, Form & Function,”


Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA, “Invitational”, 6/1-8/21

Crockett Contemporary Art, Crockett, CA 4/27-5/7

Limn Gallery, “Selections 2005”, San Francisco, CA, 5/26-7/9

Oakland Craft & Cultural Arts Gallery, “ACGA Comes to Oakland”, 5/16-7/1

600 Townsend, ACGA/BCG Joint Exhibition, San Francisco, CA, 3/3-4/14/05

Galleria Tondinelli, “International Women Artists”, Rome, IT, 3/31-4/10

                2004       Olive Hyde Gallery, “Contemporary Crafts”, Fremont, CA 1/2/-31/04

San Francisco Museum of Craft and Folk Art, “Subtraction & Addition: Ceramic

       Sculpture and Installations,” Ft. Mason, San Francisco, CA 5/5-8/8/04

Polarity Post Production, “American Mythology”, San Francisco, CA 1/7-3/13/04

Next Level Communications, “Leap Day 2004,” Rhonert Park, CA 2/214-8/31/04

CIIS, “Women Against Violence,” San Francisco, CA 2/17-3/25/04

Foundry Square, “Mythological Chess Set,” San Francisco, CA 2/26-6/30/04

Marin Technology Center, “ACGA Selections,” San Rafael, CA 3/17-6/30/04

Danville Fine Arts Gallery, “East Meets West,” Danville, CA 5/1-6/4/04

Marin Technology Center, “Mythological Chess”, San Rafael, CA 6/30-9/30/04

600 Townsend, Annual Members Exhibition, San Francisco, CA 7/22-8/27/04

Polarity Post Production, “Celebrate Life.” San Francisco, CA 7/30-9/6/04

Oslo Radhus, “International Women Artists,” Oslo, Norway 8/10-15/04

SOMA Cultural Center, “Two Halves, One Whole,” San Francisco, CA 8/20/04

Space 743, “Spaceholders,” San Francisco, CA 9/24-10/30/04

Oakland Museum Collectors Gallery, “ACGA/Vessels”, 11/4/04-1/16/05.

Sacramento Fine Arts Center, “VSA Annual Open Exhibit”, Carmichael, CA, 11/2-28.

2003          Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA, “Cool, Calm and Collected”

Oakland Museum Sculpture Court, Oakland, CA, “PRSG Invitational”

2002          Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA “From the Fire”

College Art Gallery, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA, “Opaque/Transparent: Clay/Glass”

600 Townsend, “PSRG Member Exhibition”

2001          Oakland International Airport, Oakland, CA, CCAC Alumni Exhibition

Herbst International Exhibition Hall, San Francisco, CA, “ArtSpan Selections”

                2000       Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson Beach, CA, “Hats On and Off”

1999          Oakland Museum Sculpture Court, Oakland, CA, “The Object”

CCAC, Oakland, CA, “Alumnae Show”

                1998       World Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

                                Galerie Internationale, Palo Alto, CA, “International Women Artist’s Exhibition”

1997      Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA, “As Seen at the Beach: Figurative Paintings and Sculptures”

                                Academy of Art College Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Art Span Selections”

                                Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson Beach, CA, “Tenth Anniversary Exhibition”

                                The Fig Tree Gallery, Berkeley, CA

                1996       Graystone Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Holiday Group Show”

                                CCAC Oliver Art Center, Oakland, CA, “CCAC Past, Present, and Future”

                                Academy of Art College Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Art Span Selections”

1995          Michael Himowitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA, “Artful Urnz”

The Fig Tree Gallery, Berkeley, CA, “Cimmerian Shade, Visions and Dreams

Of the Dark Side”

                                Works, Sonoma, CA, “Outdoors”

                                Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson Beach, CA

                1994       Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, CA

                                Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, OR, “Saints and Sinners”

                                Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA, “Ceramics Now 1994”

                1993       Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Angels”

                                Redding Museum of Art and History, Redding, CA, “Food Art”

                                The Artery, Davis, CA, “1993 California Clay Competition”

                1992       Bridge Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Reflections”

                1991       Modesto Jr. College art Gallery, Modesto, CA, “Celebration of Women Artists”

                                                “4 Ceramic Sculptors”

                                Gallery House, Palo Alto, CA, “Juried Exhibition”

                1990       Jan Holloway Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “New Work and Recent Acquisitions”

Awards and Honors:

                Award of Merit, Valley Sculpture Association, 2004

                Award of Merit, California State Fair, 2000

                Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California Award, 1999

                Award of Merit, California State Fair, 1999

                Honorable Mention, California State Fair, 1995

                Award of Merit, California State Fair, 1994

                Jack and Gertrude Murphy Fellowship, San Francisco Foundation, 1991

                Award of Merit, “Art in Crisis: A Personal Response,” 1989



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