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Johnathan Derry

178 Oak Hill Ave
Pawtucket, RI 02860, U.S.A.
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Phone: 4013232714

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My sculpture explores the notion that opposing forces can in fact be complimentary and interconnected.

The work is inspired by the search to connect the polarities that exist within the self and, by extension, society. This manifests physically in the orchestration of visual motifs such as black and white, heavy and light, over and under, where two disparate ideas must co-exist as one.

These sculptural structures embody dualism through the oppositional play of material and form. Remnants of the creation of topographical surfaces are beautiful evidence of what was formerly above and become artifacts resting below the surface. This implies erosion and temporality as well as creation and regeneration.

A tension rises from an attempt to relate physical polarities that mirror the aspects of the exposed and hidden self. The sculptures reconcile human dualities and through the connective process of making, help to alleviate the bedrock anxiety borne from human disconnect. They are remnants of the my quest to find a deeper notion of self and a desire to connect with my world.