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Elisa Boughner

1922 Henley St.
Glenview, IL 60025, U.S.A.
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Phone: 847-657-8140

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            2018                Dittmar Gallery, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

            2018                South Shore Art Center- Raab Award winner, Munster, IN

            2018                Installation-Public Art Synnestvedt Sculpture, Glenview, IL   

            2018                Journey Care, Glenview, Illinois

            2017                South Shore Art Center, Munster, Indiana

2015-17          Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois                

2015                Ormond Art Museum, Ormond Beach, Florida

2015                Glenview Public Library, Glenview. Illinois

2014                University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2013                Art Center Highland Park, Highland Park, Illinois

2011                 UIC Montgomery Ward Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2010                Rockford Art Museum, Rockford , Illinois

2010                Mary Vincent Gallery, LaGrange, Illinois

2007                Amdur Gallery, Glenview, Illinois

2006                Old Town Triangle Art Center, Chicago, Illinois

2005                Gallery 2520, Knox, Indiana

2005                Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, Indiana

2005               Maple Ave. Gallery, Evanston, Illinois

2005               Jasper Arts Center, Jasper, Indiana

2004               Scot Foresman Exhibit, Glenview, Illinois

2004               Mary Vincent Gallery, LaGrange, Illinois

2003               Park Center, Glenview, Illinois

1999-2003     Studio 34, Glenview, Illinois

2003               Glenview State Bank, Glenview, Illinois

2002                International Artexpo, New York, NY

   2002                Shimer Gallery-Waukegan, Illinois

2001               Northview Bank & Trust, Northfield, Illinois

2001               Tina Hahn Gallery- Barrington, Illinois

2001-2018      Artifex Studio, Glenview, Illinois

2000              Loyola University Medical Center- Maywood, Illinois

1998                Akainyah Gallery- Chicago, Illinois

1989-91           Mary Bell Galleries- Chicago, Illinois

1987                Northern Illinois University Gallery- DeKalb, Illinois