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G.G. Wasserman

p.o. Box 1832
Lakeport, CA 95453, U.S.A.
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 One of the goals of my art is to transform and elevate myself with inspiring concepts and be successful in communicating these concepts to others. Like life, art is a process; art and life are both processes and vehicles which complement each other and which I use to try to discover the truth within myself and the truth of human existence. I call the process of my art a "metaphysical experience" because my art-making tends to lead me to very heightened and transcendent states of awareness in a natural way that comes to fruition through the media of shapes, form, space, color, texture, lines, angles, planes, composition, etc. Basically I use the carving, construction and arrangement of form to identify, clarify, and bring order and equilibrium to my inner world and, in so doing, I contribute to the quality and energy of my life and, hopefully, to the planet and universe as well.