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Sculptor and painter Veronique Chabrolle, a.k.a. VeroDalla, was born in Burgundy, France. Her life centered on gastronomy – In collaboration with her husband, she was the youngest woman to have a Michelin-rated restaurant in France - until a chance encounter with a red-flowered poppy changed her life. The poppy called on VeroDalla to pursue art. 


During a serious childhood illness, VeroDalla returned from the brink of death, an experience that heavily influenced her artistic practice and mission. Her work examines the profound emotional connections that society suppresses, as well as the expressive potential for creativity in unhindered freedom. VeroDalla’s figures prompt the viewer to question his values and priorities, to awaken and fully reconnect with his inner self. 


VeroDalla’s goal is to continue uncovering and transmitting the infinite possibilities of human potential by bridging the past and the future. She is currently working on large-scale versions of the LivenLuLu series as well as on the new Étude series of geometrical abstractions. 


Her work is featured in public and private collections in more than thirty countries.

General statement:

My life started the day I died, at the age of ten.


I was rushed to emergency surgery from intensive care, finding myself at the threshold of death’s door. It was there I experienced a life-changing revelation. I had entered a peaceful dimension where the elements of our individuality become irrelevant and our commonality connects us as a whole. In this space all is serene and global comprehension becomes crystal clear. The components that separate us become invisible and those that embody our essence define us. The expertise of a surgeon brought me back from the brink of death, but I returned with an enlightened perspective on life and spent the next 30 years observing human behavior and social interaction.


My art is an interpretation of these observations. A perpetual search of balance harmony, connection, and interactivity, where some series open a dialogue with the viewer and his true self, and other series embody my connection to the peaceful dimension I visited.


Using the movement as the medium of our emotions, emotions that define us, I work in a world in motion where I invite the individual to synchronize with his human side. I believe we compromise our real potential as human beings in a society where discrimination, in its all forms, destroys us.


I experiment of a variety of materials. My primary medium, a mineral paste of cellulose fibers and chalk, affords me a deep physical connection between my thoughts and my art, facilitating my self-expression. I completely adapted this technique to convey my ideas and inspire thought. The long process of formatting, sanding and painting satisfies my thirst for introspection, and results in a work that contains my unique signature.