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Lisa Gordillo

Phone: 9062810723

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My current work aims at U.S. intervention in Latin America (more generally) and Guatemala (specifically), focusing on U.S. complicity in the most destructive acts of Guatemala’s civil war. Our histories are "entrelazadas," intertwined, in a way that is often unacknowledged, frequently hidden outright, and increasingly resonant amidst rhetoric of borders and walls.


My early training was in theatre. There, the scenery is “the other actor:” a fellow storyteller echoing key notes in the text. This has always resonated for me. I follow the story, working with materials that touch it: textile braids stand in for human hair; children’s toys connect the play of violence and the destruction of war. I love how a soft thing can speak about something very, very hard; that quiet and loud are misleading; how an interrupted space can throw you off balance.


I try find what’s buried, and speak about it. In an effort to build a bridge, I make works about the links in our stories, the braids.



Recent highlights: 

Artist-in-residence, Santa Fe Art Institute, "Truth and Reconcilation" residenct, Santa Fe, NM (in collaboration with Hugo Gordillo), 2019


Best Three-Dimensional Work, North Dakota Festival of Human Rights, 2019


Artist-in-residence, International Postry Festival, Aguacatan, Guatemala, 2017


Prohibido Orinar Aqui (solo exhibit), Centro Intercultural Efrain Recinos, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, 2017