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Suzanne Pratt

Los Angeles, CA , U.S.A.
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My art is primarily a harnessing of light but is also a celebration of routine. My compositions privilege structures where there is no end or beginning. Some play with symmetry, others with a highly structured composition, but wither way, they are about containing eternity in the moment.


It is a fact of physics that the very light that illuminates a surface bounces back upon the viewer. That same light that bounces off the wall, is reflected off the back of the sculpted relief of my work. These backs of my cut paper are colored and the light effect is a glowing halo from the simple physics of light interacting with surfaces.


Harnessing light is for me a small dance with the infinite. The objects I create are paintings and sculptures.  They hang on the wall and mimic illusionistic space as a painting, yet they are equally sculptures in that they xist in three dimensions free of illusionistic space. The actual light that creates the halo effect around my forms is real and present in the gallery.


Historically, Los Angeles, where I reside, was the birthplace of the Light and Space movement about sixty years ago. This movement was a natural progression of Modernism and I believe that the possibilities to harness and shape the physical sensations of the infinite as art have only just begun. My work retains a minimal sensibility and a great love of pleasing the viewer with intricate visions.