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Ogorzelec Ludwika

6, Rue Thomas Francine
Paris, 0 75014, France
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Phone: +33611890880

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Ludwika Ogorzelec received her Master of Arts Degree in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland in 1983. 

In 1985 she move to Paris to pursue more artistic training. There she was invited to work with Cesar at his studio at L’Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts advancing her “Instruments of equilibrium” cycle based on an original series she created in Poland. Due in part to critical acclaim she received from Michael Brenson’s review in the New York Times(1991), her work was increasingly well received internationally. Her sculpture was exhibited in many prestigious places on the world. To date she has been exhibited in 72 solo and over 34 curated group shows. She has also been selected to participate in 20 symposia and residency programs in many distinct parts of the world. In addition, her work is currently installed in 15 public collections. She was awarded a Polock-Krasner Grant, from the Conseil National de Monte Carlo Prix. Her shows have been reviewed in over 100 articles in many international periodicals, an art history book entitled, “La sculpture modern” by Itzhak Goldberg, an edited volume by Francoise Monnin in collaboration with Pompidou Centre in Paris, and a book entitled, Bi,Sozo e "(Creation of Beauty for Japanese High Schools) by Koji Kinutani. 

During the last 34 years she has been pulling her “creative line” across the world, where she captures and entangles her audiences through her ongoing international project known as “Space Crystallisation.” 


I want my sculpture to be like a passing phenomenon springing out of the world of biology, machines and instruments.

From an understanding of sculpture as solid and heavy, viewed from the outside and made from lasting materials. I have left myself line expressing itself with the properties of its material and the space which that line encloses.

Taking meaning from the world of biology, machines and instruments, I analyses the problem of sense and the absurd. I search for the moment of balance.

The results of my searching are light, delicate structures - the objects
join those meanings in a new whole on the basis of harmony.
Thus I began the cycle of sculpture entitled "Instruments of equilibrium"
which I continue today. They are mobile objects which measure balance.
The measurement of equilibrium is a form of spectacle in which mobile lines and the mass of space traced out by them interplay - the structural building of space. Line draws space:

- the spectacle of the measure of inside to outside,
physical and psychological balance (understood in manifold ways),

- the spectacles occurs in time - initiated by the spectator.
Following directly from the creative path I have traced out,
but begun leather, is the cycles "Spaces" - The cycle "Crystallization of space". Space is determined physically and purposefully by the interference of lines with the purpose of obtaining new psychological and aesthetic qualities. "Spaces" show not only the inside but carry it to the person, the reflection
of whom are intensified with emotion.

In my creation, I give equal expression to my intellect, intuition, temperament, the sum of my experiences and the psychological state
in which I currently find myself. A successive, completed sculpture is the sum of my experiences and is a stag a on the road to a new, as yet unknown, domain and not a work straining for excellence and virtuosity.
Ludwika Ogorzelec 1981

"The space crystallization" a system of lines intersecting one another with a certain order and modifying the previously determined space both physically and in its use. In other words, it is a shattering of space into smaller components “crystals" whose purpose is to achieve a new aesthetic and psychological state that acts on the conscious and the subconscious mind of observer.

A person following the picture created by the moving line experience the necessity of adjusting to the spatial situation producing motions of the body (bending, ducking or stepping around) which is a form of dance, simultaneously experiences
states that go beyond the boundaries of quotidian stereotypes, behavioral codes and habits.

The activity of space is a result of the meeting of the "entrancing energy" and the "extrinsic energy" imparted by the line to the space.

The intrinsic energy is everything that is characteristic of a given
space the architectonic idea behind it, its proportion, width, height,
length, the materials of which it is composed (concrete, metal, wood, plaster etc. audits function an office building church, a city square, landscape) and is the way that it commonly experienced by the observer.

In my works, line speaks with the qualities of the material from which the work is made, the picture which it creates (various ordering and geometry, chaos, concentrations, shattering, rhythms, contrasts, similarities, the relationship between filled and not filled space) and the shape of line (simple, wavy, vertical or inclined). This is the extrinsic energy.

The objective act's the material from which line is made whereas the "subjective act" oftentimes makes its activity and meaning the first felt. For example, wood which is light, warm, with light hues, and created by nature with her internal and external form, touches the aesthetic sense of observer. Metal, on the other hand, is cold, heavy, with could colors technological and difficult to turn touches rather anti-aesthetic sensibilities. Glass which is cold and heavy but clear in contact with light sometimes, even not visible, is not technological but mineral, satisfies the aesthetic sense but is unsettling due its fragility and sharp fragments (which are dangerous because they can cut).

"The space crystallization" proposes active space having as their purpose the ability to touch the basic universal sensitivities of person and to reveal cultural stereotypes (Polish- nests or Japanese-nests, or French-nests, or American-nests) and the psychological baggage, personal behavior codes and habits.

Ludwika Ogorzelec 1991

L U D W I K A   O G O R Z E L E C


                    born in Poland 

                      living and working in Paris from 1985




                      1985-87     National Fine Arts School in Paris, France

                                        Cesar Studio

                      1978-83     Fine Arts Academy in Wroclaw, Poland

                Master degree in Sculpture Department 

                                        at Leon Podsiadly Studio




2019          -“Source"  from  "Space Crystallisation" cycle in Goethestad Bad Lauchstädt, Germany  

2018          -“2 x Napięcia” z cyklu “Krystalizacja przestrzeni” for 53 International Film Festival in   

                     Karlowy Vary, Czech Republic

2017          -“Dark Ages “ from “Space crystallisation” cycle at Dringenberg Castle , Germany   

2017           -Spectrum of Middle Ages, from “Space Crystallisation” cycle at Malbork Castle,   

                    Malbork, Poland
2017          - Invisible tensions, from “Space crystallisation” cycle at  

                    Jing Sculpture Park  Art Center in Shanghai , China
2016           -Breathing Cloud II, from“Space Crystallisation”cycle at Beijing 1+1 Art Center, China 

2016           -Tango, from “Space Crystallisation” cycle in Ulsan, South Korea
2015           -Thought freed, from “Space crystallisation “cycle at Heritage space 

                     in Hanoi, Vietnam 

2015           -The breath of the sea, from the "Space Crystallisation" cycle, on the rocks Dopaepo  

                       beach in Busan, South Korea in - for Sea Art Festival - Busan Biennale 

2015           -The Transitions, from “Space Crystallisation “cycle at Sukiennice wrocławskie- 

                       6-month solo show at public space in the centre of town - Wroclaw Poland 

2014           -Art & Spa Bristol in Busko Zdrój /near Cracow , Poland

2014           -Pillar Riberaygua Gallery in Andorra  

2013           -“Intellectual tensions “ from “Space Crystallisation”cycle BUW, Warsaw, Poland         

2013           -“Laboratory of emotions” from “Space Crystallisation”cycle at Muzalewska Gallery, 

                    Poznan Poland

2013           -from the top- from “Space Crystallisation“cycle at Chiostro San Nicolo in Spoleto, Italy

2012           -Witches dance , from « Space Crystallisation » cycle in Kielce, Poland

2012           -“Dancing with the line” from “Space crystallisation“ cycle at Sunshine Museum of  

                     Contemporary Art Museum, Coachangdi Art District in Beijing,China

2012           -"Stratification" from " Space Crystallisation" cycle Wroclaw , Poland 

2011           - from “space Crystallisation “ of Shangyuan Art Muzeum building , Beijing, China

              thanks to KGHM- Polish Copper Industry - sponsorship

2010           -“Parisian tensions” from “Space Crystallisation “cycle at Galerie Roi Dore , Paris,  







2010          -“my gulag II” from “Space Cristallisations” cycle at Centre d’Art Contemporain du  

                     Luxembourg belge, Belgium  


2009          -“Shocked”from “Space Cristallisations” cycle at in the Regional Culture  Centre in 

                      Kolobrzeg, Poland

2008          - from “Space Cristallisation” cycle at Galerii  Sztuki Najnowszej , Gorzów, Poland 

2008          -“level” from “Space Cristallisation” cycle at Park “Kolibki” in Gdynia Poland

2007          - from “Space Cristallisation” cycle at Pillar Riberaygua Galery  in Andorra 

2007          - from “Space Cristallisation” cycle at at municipal landscape of Legnica, Poland

2007          -“light phenomena” from “Space Cristallisation” cycle at -Studio Gallery, gallery II in  

                     Warsaw, Poland

2007           -“Mist “from “Space Cristallisation” cycle a Toronto Sculpture Garden, 6 month solo  

                     show Toronto ON Canada

2006           -“my gulag I” from Space Cristallisation “cycle at Aime Proost Sculpture Park 

                     in Woombey, Australia,Qld

2005           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Nancy Margolis Gallery, Chelsea,   

                     New York,USA

2004           -“coup de foudre “from “Space Cristallisation” cycle a Bar-lé-Duc Castle hill, France,

2004           -“the cloud” from“Space Cristallisation” cycle at Sabine Rieder house in Rust, Austria,

2004          - from “Space Cristallisation”cycle at Bernhold Kulisz Garden in Vienna, Austria

2004          - from “Space Cristallisation”cycle at  Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw Poland

2003           -from “Space Cristallisation”cycle at National Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria,                   2003           -from “Space Cristallisation”cycle at Lafayette College Art Gallery,   

                     Easton, Pennsylvania, USA    

2002           - from “Space Cristallisation” cycle  for “Dialog 2”  show at Edinburgh Art College   

                    during  Edynburg International Festival, UK

2001           - from “Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Modern art Museum in San Jose, Costa Rica

2001           -“Transparency II “ from“ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Slogo Island in Lisekil, Swede

2001           - from “ Space Cristallisation”cycle  at Spaulding University Art Gallery in Louisville, 

                     Kentucky USA

2000           - from “ Space Cristallisation”cycle  at Les Punxes Gallery in Barcelona, Spain

2000           - from “ Space Cristallisation”cycle at Kunsthalle in Worpswede, Germany   

2000           - from “ Space Cristallisation”cycle at  Islip Art Museum, Long Island New York

2000           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Pardo Gallery in New York, USA

1999           - from “ Space Crystallization”cycle  at Pillar Riberaygua Gallery in Andorra

1999           - from “ Space Cristallisation”cycle  at Pokaz -art critic Gallery in Warsaw, Poland

1999           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Experimental Intermedia Gallery Window in  

                     Gent, Belgium

1999           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at ASKEO Gallery in Paris, France

1998           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Pascal Vanheocke Gallery in Paris, France 

1998           - from“ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Musee-Gallery de la Seita in Paris, France

1998           - from”instruments of equilibrium “cycle at Alice Mogabgab Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon

1997           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Altes Rathaus Gallery in Worpswede, Germany

1997           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Espace St. Louis in Bar-Le-Duc, France

1997           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at ASKEO Gallery in Paris, France

1997           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at 50m Galleries in Geneva, Switzerland

1997           - from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Culture Forum Gallery in Blanc Mesnil, France

1996           -"My eyes level II” from “ Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Les Punxes Gallery  

                      in Barcelona, Spain

 1996          - from“Space Cristallisation” cycle  at Outdoor show -Theatre festival,   

                     Normandie, France         

1996            - from “ Space Crystallisation” cycle at Bruno Delarue Gallery in Paris, France

1996            -“wild shoots of the fruit tree II”from“ Space Crystallisation” cycle at BWA Grodzka  

                       Gallery in Lublin, Poland

1996            - Pascal Vanheocke Gallery in Paris, France

1995            -"wild shoots of the fruit tree II “ from“ Space Crystallisation” cycle  atCopper  Museum  

                      in Legnica, Poland  

1995            - Berta Walker Gallery Est-Window in Provincetown, USA

1995            -“My eyes level” from “ Space Crystallisation” cycle at Hudson Walker Gallery in  

                      Provincetown, USA

1995            -“Who is more important” from“ Space Crystallisation” cycle  at Berta Walker Gallery 

                      West- Window in Provincetown, USA

1994            -“Wild apple tree II “from“ Space Crystallisation” cycle at Labolatorium Gallery at 

                       Contemporary Art Center in Warsaw, Poland

1994            -“Wild apple tree I“ from“ Space Crystallisation” cycle at BWA Awangarda Gallery in 

                       Wroclaw, Poland

1993            - from “instruments of equilibrium “ cycle at Hartby's Gallery in Paris, France

1991            - from“Space Crystallisation”cycle at Gallery FAWC Gallery in Provincetown, USA

1989            - Barbier Beltz Gallery in Paris France

1983            -“the illogical mechanizm” Fine Arts Academy  Gallery (diploma show) in  

                      Wroclaw, Poland

1975            - Copper  Museum in Legnica, Poland





2013          -the meteor’s, from “Space Crystallisation” cycle at Museum Ziemi Kłodzkiej, Poland 

2012          -“Dancing with the lines”,from “Space Crystallisation”cycle (performance) at Penghao  

                   Theatre in Beijing. Art collaboration with Shi Xiaojuan and the Ponglai 

                   Dance  Company’

2011          -“Mist II” from “Space Crystallisation” cycle in Martigny, Switzerland 

2011          -"Breathing Claud" from "Space Crystallisation" cycle at the Exeter Castle, UK 

2010          -“Etre  Ainsi“  from “ Space Crystallisation “ cycle  at Espace cultural Boris Vian in Les 


2010           -“Atlantis II“  from “Space Crystallisation“ cycle at Botanical Garden in Key West, 


2009          -“To reach impossible“ from “Space Crystallisation “  cycle at Imperial Castle in  

                    Poznan, during the Sculpture Triennale » Poznan 2009 » in Poland 

2009           -“Bryza” from “Space Crystallisation” cycle of Kobzdej place in Gdansk, Poland

                     part of  art festival “Rozdroża wolności” the sculpture in public space      

                  -“Tornado” from “Space Crystallisation” cycle in West Martello Tower in Key West, 

                     part of Key West Sculpture Show , Key West, Florida, USA

2008          -"Between art and money" from "Space crystallisation" cycle in Zirgu iela in Riga, Latvia- 


2008          -“Atlantis II“from“ Space Crystallisation” cycle for “Earth Art” show   

                     curated by John Grande at Royal Botanical Garden in Hamilton, Canada   

2007          -“The shot“from“Space Crystallisation” cycle for “Mirror of Nature”  

                     show at Arsenal Municipal Museum in Wroclaw in Poland  curated 

                    by Elzbieta Lubowicz      

2007          - from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle for “Art in Public Space”   

                    at Albury Regional Art Gallery in Albury , Australia

2006          - from “Space Crystallisation “cycle for "60 lat ASP we Wroclawiu” show  

                    at National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland

2005          - from “Space Crystallisation “cycle for  "Histories d'arbres" show at Chateau   

                    du Tremblay, Bourgogne, France

2004          -"Coup de foudre" from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle for "Coup de foudre”   

                    art festival in Bar-le -Duc, France curated by Francoise Monnin

2003          - from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle for Visual Perception at Sorbona, Etat d’Art

                    Gallery, Paris  curated by Francoise Monnin

2002          -“Bosc” from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle  for  Art in Forest symposium in Montebel, 

                    organise by Cat-Art Center, France curated by Pillar Riberaygua

2001          - from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle for "Express from New York” show at Lattuada- Pardo Gallery in Milan, Italy

1999           -from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle for "Weaving the World” show  at    

                    Yokohama Museum of Art Japan, 

1998           - groupe exhibition Polish Culture Institut in Paris, France

1997           - from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle for “Postawy" show at Royal Castle  

                     in Dresden, Germany

1996           - from “instruments of equilibrium” cycle for the show "La Piece Unique" at  

                     La Galerie  in  Paris, France

1994           -“Wild apple tree I” from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle"4 x Rzeźba" at BWA    

                     Awangarda in Wroclaw, Poland    curated by Christos Mandzios

1993           -“Transparency” from “Space Crystallisation “ cycle  for III Minos Beach Art Symposium in Agnios Nicolaos  , Crete - Grece curated by : Dimitri Coromillas 

1992           - from instruments of equilibrium” cycle for Polish Contemporary Art  show  

                     in Orlean, France

1991           - from “instruments of equilibrium” cycle for "Jeśteśmy"  show at National    

                     Gallery Zacheta in Warsaw, Poland    

                     curated by Elżbieta Dzikowska i Wiesława Wierzchowska

1991           -“Pylon” from Instruments of equilibrium” cycle XXV Prix International   

                      d'Art in Monte Carlo, Monaco

1990           - from “Instruments of equilibrium” cycle for "Steel  and Wood” sculpture   

                     show at Staib Gallery in New York, USA    curated by Rene Grayre

1990           - Art show PWSSP -Wroclaw" at Zacheta National Gallery in Warsaw, Poland

1990           - from Instruments of equilibrium” cycle for Event Week 90 show at Tepia   

                      in Tokio, Japan

1989           - Sculpture show at Barbier- Beltz Gallery in Paris, France

1998           - from “instruments of equilibrium” cycle, Salon Comparisons at Grand Palais   

                      in Paris, France

1986           - from “instruments of equilibrium” cycle, Salon de La Jeune Sculpture  

                     at PorteAusterlitz in Paris, France

1984           - from illogical mechanism” for "Dyplom 83"  show  in Krakow, Poland









2018            -the international Residency of China Silver field Company at Hainan Island, China

2016            -The International Residency programme of Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing

2015            -The International Residency programme of Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing

2014            -The International Residency programme of Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing

2012            -The International Residency programme of Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing

2011            -The International Residence Programme of Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing, 

               China- thanks to KGHM- Polish Copper Industry - sponsorship

2006            - Albury Public Art Residency Program , Albury, Australia

2005            -"Farming with Mary" art Symposium in Mary River Valley, Australia

2005            -"Floating Land" Art  Symposium  in Noosa, Queensland , Australia

2005            - Stainer School teaching project, Noosa, Queensland, Australia

2003            - Greffen XYZ sculpture symposium, Austria

2003            - Hotel Pupik festival, Schrattenberg, Austria

2003            - Maison Piere Daura , St.Cirq Lapopie, France

2002            - Bosc, Cat-Art Center, France

2001            - Spalding University Art Program in Louisville, KY, USA

2000            - Kunsthausler Residency Program in Worpswede, Germany

1999-98       - Apex Studio Program in New York, USA

1995-96       - Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, USA

1990-91       - Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, USA

1988            - Gerlesborgskolan Art Program in Gerlesborg, Swede



GRANTS / Honors 


2009                 - Grand Esplanade Award, Sculpture Key West , USA

2007                 - Krzyż Oficerski Orderu Odrodzenia Polski

2000               - The Pollock- Krasner Grant, New York , USA

1991                 - Prix du Conseil National, Monte Carlo, Monaco






2016               - Musée des beaux-arts de Carcassonne, France

2012               - Tworek Sculpture Garden collection, Kielce Poland

2012               -“Hallera Gardens” Archicom  Art collection, Wroclaw, Poland

2006               - Aime &Jacqueline Proost collection, Australia/Qld

2003               - Griffen Haus factory, Austria

2002               - Cat-Art Center in Sainte Colombe, France

2001               - Sloggo Island in Lisekil, Swede

2001             - Memorial Park in Louisville, Kentucky, USA

1997             - Jardin de Grignon in Istres, France

1993             - Mamidakis Foundation on Crete-Greece

1983               - Museum Modern  Art in Lodz, Poland










2011-12           - costumes for The Ponglai Dance Company in Beijing, China

2005-06           - concept artist  in art department - for  10 000BC  Roland Emmerich film director  

                         , produced by Colombia,  Pictures, Warners Bross

1992-05           - working for interior design: Lolita Lempicka space in Paris, Rachel  

                         “coiffeur” in Paris

1977                - working for the stages in Opera in Wroclaw, Poland

1973-77           - the shops windows decoration in Legnica and Wroclaw in Poland