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Uwe Foehring

22 Burnett
Chelsea, Quebec J9B 2G9, Canada
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Phone: 8195986306

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I work mostly in stone and cement.

I studied big cement sculpture with Upali Ananda, a teacher at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka; and my cement sculptures are built according to the techniques I have learned there with a few adjustments to withstand the winter here in Ottawa.

I created a number of large cement sculptures in the Ottawa area:

The Couple’ in front of Linart gallery, Cantley, Quebec. Another cement sculpture which I created can still be seen in Kiwi Gardens in Perth, ON – ‘man & woman’, which I took there 5 years ago for the ‘art in the garden’ exhibition, a similar one is in a private collection in Darmstadt, Germany. One sculpture (not cement though) was commissioned by Habitat for Humanity in Ottawa and is permanently in front of their Restore in Ottawa: ‘electro sapiens’.

For me sculpting is a language to say the things I cannot say in words. Not like a language that could be translated, like French to English, or “what does the artist want to tell us?” It rather stands on its own. ‘The Couple’ and ‘Man & Woman’ for example are my musings about gender roles and how they relate to each other.

During winter, I take part in numerous snow and ice sculpting events all over the country.